Check out this dudes soundcloud - I'm going to buy his drum production course

Usually I only use Udemy for amateur level computer coding courses, but I was watching a youtube video on how this guy makes money selling music, and I kept hearing some pretty amazing drum programming work in this productions. So I hunted down his soundcloud account and was pretty impressed with what I saw.

Edit: Posted the wrong link…here we go!

Ugh…you gotta skip this track and see the other ones, I’m not sure why its not letting me post the stuff with that shows the drum programming these guys do.

I looked at his Udemy course, and it isn’t about having a bunch of ground breaking sound libraries, and he doesn’t even go that deep into the warp/mangling process. Its more about seeing his thoughts on the balance and composition and blend of the samples he chooses. The other thing is that he’s not a rap producer. This stuff is highly applicable to pop, country, and alternative music.

If you want to see preview of the courses, go to Udemy and type in “Drum Production Bible” in the search engine. It should come up as $35.


I don’t get it. That SoundCloud is a pile of reposts and some tracks by “The Songwriting Team”. Is your guy The Songwriting Team?

I’m having all kinds of trouble with that link… if this is what you’re seeing you’re on the right page

Those are all tracks these guys programmed the drums for, and I just think the level of expertise there is killer. The composition and arrangement itself is so dead on for the genre’s they’re producing for…you might be looking at the wrong link…or of course I might be loosing my mind in my old age lol. This entire company is 3 dudes in Nashville that just decided to get very very very good at drum programming.

…if they’re reposting hit songs you’ve heard of, its because they played on those tracks.

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Got it. Now I understand…

Funny, I was just thinking of the art of programming drums just the other day - a good example for me would be Steve Vai’s Passion and Warfare, where he used programmed drums for a number of tracks - and they would phenomenal and not at all programmed. Another example is Animals as Leaders first album where they didn’t have a drummer, so programmed all drums for the album and then had to search for a drum God to be able to actually play the ludicrous patterns they programmed!