Check Out Audio Plugin Guy's TOP Plugin of 2017!

Yeah, I’ve never seen this site before either, but way to go Boz!!! :+1:

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Transgressor is by far my favorite plugin I’ve made, but it’s also been one of the hardest to sell. I guess it goes over most people’s heads, or I’ve done a poor job of explaining what it does.


i really want it but i am waiting for the money. Part of it is I think that you have only showing its use with acoustic drums and I rarely work with them. If i am correct you have not shown its other uses. I do definitely want it though for drums.

IIRC, this plugin came out roughly the same time that Waves released their new transient plugin so the timing was not in your favor. Because it is Boz and because I like Manic so well, I was/am pretty curious about it. But it kind of seems like a very specific use plugin, and for the price point, it is just too expensive to buy out of idle curiosity - at least for me. So yeah, for me, maybe it did go over my head. Again though, great usable and user-friendly UI. Really well-done.

Maybe THIS plugin is a good candidate to develop some of your new tutorials around and show what it can do or maybe show us some creative uses that you or your users have come up with? Or maybe you can do some sort of promo or contest and get people talking about it again?

Just kind of thinking out loud here and giving you some feedback from the peanut gallery…

It was released the same day as Eventide’s version. Luckily the two are very different, but the descriptions are similar.

The price thing is… unfortunate. Pricing plugins is not an easy task. If it were up to me, I’d make them all $10 and sell a million copies, but it unfortunately doesn’t work like that. If you price it too low, nobody buys it. If you price it high, nobody buys it. But when you price it high and put it on sale, it seems to satisfy everyone. I wish it didn’t have to be that way, but in my experience, it does. Waves has sort of written the rules for the new plugin price.

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Congratulations Boz! Very cool.