Check check 123

Check check 123

Hi everyone, I’m 30 and came here from a random search on how to do a thing in reaper, this seems like a cool place. I sing and play rock guitar well enough (if i can find the effects to carry me) with cheap gear that might have problems, and MIDI the rest of the stuff. I have a bunch of fleeting ADHD ideas for songs and melodies but my production sucks despite having done this for years and watching a bunch of tutorials, and that really makes a big difference so I hope to learn something here and ask a bunch of questions. This year I’ve made a little more progress toward actually finishing somethings I meant to do a few years ago and I actually am so close to finishing a planned song and having it sound ok haha. Thanks for having me, here’s a radio station where I’m currently loving pretty much everything they play even though I’ve never heard it before.

Hi there Sy Yur a truthful guy. You may have failed but it’s good you still try. If your tracks don’t hit the bull’s eye you might have to eat some humble pie :slight_smile: bad I know
I am 72 and an old rocker. In fact we are playing later today just for a little fun. Each guy sends a text on a song he would like to play. Great fun…and beer
Like to hear some of you stuff. don’t be shy Sy

Hey welcome!

Good to have you here. Feel free to post your recordings and the people here will do their best to help you develop your recording, mixing and producing skills.

Welcome to the party! :partying_face::partying_face:

Welcome Sy!.. yeah the most tricky part about music is finishing stuff. Keen to hear your work!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, and I hope you had fun feaker! :slight_smile:

I used to be in a classic rock cover band and it was a lot of fun, we even had a paid gig or two before falling apart, I’d love to do it again someday. Also the crappy recordings from my phone sounded better instrumentally than my own home recordings because they were real and in a room with a bunch of folks who could play lol. That’s why lately I’ve just been comparing to professional songs and the instrumental versions see what sounds different and straight up sing over it to see how close I can get to it sounding good. Anyways for posting my own stuff am I right you post that in the bash my recording board? Still getting used to the setup. Thanks!

Yep and it’s fantastic. You will get honest but helpful feedback. Doesn’t matter your experience level or how long you have been part of the forum, you are highly encouraged to give your feedback to others too. I can speak from experience that bashing other people’s recordings with a critical mindset will develop your ear quicker than anything!
Great to have you around. Let’s finish some of those songs!!!