Evert Glad you didn’t have any problems to report as of yet. ha ha

Track is done. Thanks for your comments


I had a suspicion sittin there at work …sneaked …on…back to my place D C G D
Tip toed inside you were doin the dance ……moanin and rollin at a torrid pace
Hello sweetheart…don’t stop now… looks like yur havin fun I’ll get otta this place

Yur a cheeta…you been sneakin… findin lovers yur a lousy cheater D F G D
lousy lover … under covers…I found some lovers….you bet I cheated
Cheeter…you have no conscience…no regrets… I’ve been so mistreated
…I had needs…you didn’t see em…I’d never plead….go ahead and hate me

It was a quicky quick wham bam thank you mam……Yur lovin was a hit and run
Maybe good for you…not so good for me…I tell you it was anything but fun

I’m a cheet-a …yeah a cheeta…I’m a liar…I’m a…luvin…sur…viv.er D F G D
Feelin low…yur porno show… still in my head… kicked me real good down low
Cheater…I don’t need …ya…I’m a cheeta…I found guys to please me
Comes around…it goes around… all over town…got a feelin you’ll be goin…down

The anger’s gone …I finally moved on…too bad I didn’t know my lovin was so wrong…
I should have told him…I’m feeling real bad….we could have worked on us…it’s just so sad

It is my fault it is your fault it is our fault we have lost each other is this the end start again we were friends
Is it your fault it could be my fault maybe it’s our fault we’ve lost each other.I’m all alone I never wanted this
I do so miss you


Great start - I like the idea of the answering vocals!

Hi Andy…yeah the vocals actually surprised me. Gave me a bunch of ideas. Thanks for the listen.

Thank you for reviewing my music! Now your song: not like my lyrics are easy to decipher with all of my vocal effects, though not sure if your main vocal is a finished product, or a rough draft on your song? Perhaps you are going for a different vocal style than usual, though you usually enunciate the lyrics better. Not sure why you are asking about genre, though if you are asking if the background vocals fit this genre of music, I give a resounding YES!

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Hey aaron I didn’t explain myself. This was a quicky sampler and I kinda liked it. The jumble stuff is was singing was only to establish some melody notes. That is how i make song. Next was vibe/genre/era. Country…easy listening etc. 60’s…70’s etc. Then the answer back bgv’s…maybe an example of what artist does that style of slap back. One can’t sing much in the chorus to use that style for clarity sake.
got rid of the acoustic guitars btw…a pain to tame thanks bud

I do the same basic things vocally often. Sing without lyrics to establish a vocal melody, mumble or improvise whatever lyrics until I hone in on what the actual lyrics will be.

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Sound promising Paul! The guitar reminds me of Lou Reed for some reason. Basic 2 guitars, drums and bass with very basic production like on his New York album. Nice tone. I have no specific suggestions to help you on this time.

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Hey Evert There are so few tracks so far it loads in about 5 seconds. ha ha No fills or thrills yet. Might be a little aggressive guitar next to break it up. I don’t think these two x-lovebirds will get back together any time soon. The track so far…lyrics not so pleasant to the ear
up to 2:30 now last series not refined yet,ending soon ha ha

You have a good idea happening here, Paul. Keep the tunes rolling, man!

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Another cool song. It is good the way it is, but it could also be blown up a lot bigger and more dynamic if you wanted to. Kind of a Tom Petty meets AC/DC thing. You get the point across as is, so great job as usual.

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Hey Bob Thanks for listening. The thoughts keep commin at me so I just keep layin down more tracks. None are very good, but lots of fun tweakin away. Yes I am still tempted to get some nasty background in there. I hate that one PRS stabbing chord all the way thru. I usually do that and start singing something. Then go back and substitute it for a track with kick and variety. peace and power chords bud

Your song has a Fleetwood Mac vibe for me (a compliment); not easy for me to say why. It all sounds very good to me, except when it suddenly stops. I am assuming you’ll do something about that, unless you are going for an Ian Dury & The Blockheads song ending (one of their hits gets the plug literally pulled out at the end).

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