Cheapest large diaphragm multi-pattern mic?

Cheapest large diaphragm multi-pattern mic?

I picked up a pair of these because I wanted a pair of LDC multi-pattern mics. I haven’t given it any sort of thorough run though other than to make sure that it works and doesn’t sound obviously terrible. It passed that test.

I’ve seen some ok and some very bad products come from Monoprice’s SR line, but this one at least seems to be all wired up, unlike some other things I’ve seen from them.

I’m curious to know if anybody makes a multi-pattern LDC for any less than this.

I doubt it. That looks like a pretty phenomenal deal! Given the components to make a decent mic, and multi-pattern also (double-sided capsule), plus all the accessories that come with it, that looks unbeatable for the price. I would check the multi-pattern functionality closely, if you didn’t go that far with it, to make sure that aspect functions as you might expect. The capsule is key of course, and likely the most expensive to produce. Pretty amazing it comes with a shock mount at that price. If the build quality of that shock mount is decent, and it does the job of not transmitting external vibrations to the mic, that may be the second key to the whole thing.

I got two, and one of the shock mounts is screwy. It’s almost impossible to rotate the mic once it’s in. I meant to complain to them, but I’m guessing it’s too late now. I’m not a big fan of the “screw in the microphone” type shock mount. I much prefer the cheap ones that just grip the mic.

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I guess the ‘corded suspension’ type shock mounts are supposed to be superior, presumably, since they are used on most high end mics. But their design requires good construction. That probably applies to the threaded screw-in mounting aspect too. I have one that’s corded suspension but instead uses a big rubber band, basically, to hold the mic. Which is fine, but somehow seems less stable.

They’re more stable, but I hate using them because they’re a pain to set up. I’ve never had a mic slip out of a cheap shock mount, although I’m sure there are plenty of situations where you wouldn’t want one. For home use, I have no need for that.