Cheap noise removal

So anyone here have any cheap noise removal software suggestions? I am looking to take out some ambient noise in a jazz piano concert that was recorded live.

All I have is Cool Edit Pro which does a good job, but I have to go back to my XP workstation for that :slight_smile:

I believe Audacity (free) has some decent noise removal functionality in it!

Sometimes you can get a lot done with a LPF. Sometimes it is better not to fight such things.

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CEP has a noise footprint functionality and can basically take a sample of just noise and remove from a recording. I am looking for something along those lines.

Reaper comes with a plugin called ReaFIR that will do noise reduction. I guess the trick is always in being able to provide a sample of just the ‘noise’ you want to remove.

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Oh that super cool - I have a version of Reaper on here, I’ll test it out.
Thanks for the tip!

If you have the Adobe suite of apps, Audition has semi-decent noise reduction stuff built in. It has the function you’re looking for, capture the noise print then remove, with plenty of options.

I have CEP which is what became Audition. It is monthly subscription so I am not buying…but I do have these options, on my old XP machine :slight_smile:

I use ReaFIR all the time now. You select Subtraction and check the box, then play a few seconds of the beginning silence for general background noise. Be sure to uncheck the box after, and now your noise is gone.