Caught in a Tangle, new original

doing another ‘5 in 5’ challenge. write and record 5 songs in 5 days lol

So this is from scratch today. Got the 10 words to use in the song at about 6 this morning at work. Wrote the lyrics at work. The 10 words to use were: Tangle, Fragile, Cord, Off, Blushing, Draw, Brush, Cool, Ice Cream, Ring

The rest of it took about 6 hours after work

I have no clue about the mix lol…real rush job

any comments welcome. song, singing, playing, mix, whatever. Obviously needs BGV, guitar solo, other additions

Caught in a Tangle

You were cool as ice cream, chasing your dreams
to the top baby so it seems
had the fire, and the will of the brave
swore an oath on your momma’s grave

Then one day it all became real
blushing red as you took the deal
signed in blood, up in the castle
now your life is one big hassle

You been bought off, called off, drawed off, sawed off, hauled off taken away
Caught in a Tangle 4 2 18 5 in 5 challenge song 1

You made your moves, you worked your angle
Stuck your neck in a big cord that dangles
You sold your soul for what you could wrangle
but now I see you caught up in a tangle

Now you’ve had your little brush with fame
you must admit it’s a criminal game
love and life they dont mean a thing
from the day that you kissed the ring


Your mind it was strong
and your body was agile
But didnt you know that your soul was fragile

chorus out


I really like these challenges you’re dishing out! it inspires us all :beerbanger:

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yeah, ive been focusing so hard on mixing that I figured I needed to do this 5x5 challenge to FORCE myself to output some songs lol

this one was part of Sarah Spencers FB group. I think she does them quarterly

Great vocals, The verse reminds me of Peter Murphy’s voice.

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thanks. (now I gotta google Peter Murphy lol)

yeah, im going to have to listen back in a few days to get some perspective. It was all done so fast, im sitting here this morning like “wow, I had a dream I did a song yesterday”

Here is a Peter Murphy song. I can’t think of the song that he has where the chorus singing is very similar but you also have the same tone of voice as him.

I find that when I record songs I don’t really know what it sounds like for a few days. I think I know what it sounds like each time but after a week or more, I see it totally different. This is a great exercise because it forces you to produce and stretch.

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haha, I do hear some similarity there. Mainly in that first line

Its frustrating because Id love to be able to really get my best vocals on recordings but SO MUCH goes into it. The song itself has to be right, then the whole massive aspect of the production and mix.

When you are a 1 man operation there simply isnt enough time to do anything properly. id say ive only shown about 30% of what I feel im capable of. That goes for guitar for the same reasons. And I dont know any way to easily improve the situation lol.

Really cool, work that production line !!
Serious rhyming skills going down there.
A lot of fun…

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Caught up in the tangle hits smooth with me.

Great vibe and vocal delivery.

Hard to believe you pulled this off in so little time.



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yeah, I had taken Tuesday off from work. So I got the 10 words to write with Monday while at work and I wrote the lyrics at work. came home and put the rest together more or less from scratch but I did have my drum template already together. Worked on it until like 11:55 pm hehe. Did the same on the other song “A Heavy rain”…worked on it all day until about midnight too and the today (wed) NOTHING got done haha

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Great stuff for such a short time frame. The opening bars almost remind of a track straight off Alice in Chains “Dirt”.
Biggest put off for me is the drums are out of time on a lot of (late) hits. I dunno what sort of EZ drums trickery is going on but something’s not right.

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pretty sure im just playing out of time. All of my stuff has a certain groove to it. Pretty much I hardly ever play right ON the beat. So I never have that locked down tight sort of groove, mine is always more of the floaty, greasy kind of groove. This one was a real struggle. Of course my singing and bass playing is ALWAYS behind the beat lol

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Just remember loose playing, and playing out of time aren’t the same thing. This is more like anti-groove.

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