Catching hell from a client over a damn 808 - AGAIN

Does anyone have any tricks for an 808 or 909 sample?

The dude put zero bass guitar in this and has an low drone 808 jumping between a B and an F# in a 2 chord (Bm F#m) RnB track. There’s a snappy 808 that sounds more like a kick floating along with it.

The Guy said he wanted it to sound bigger. I tossed a multi-band expander on the sub harmonics and hit it with MaxxBass. Then he said it changed the vibe.

So I took them off, went back to the sample he had then tried to draw more length and punch out of it by saturating it with a Neve 1073, dipping the 500hz with a C6, then trimming the tail with a transient designer (Smack Attack). He said it preserved the groove but didn’t translate. So I bussed it through the UAD David Eden WT800 amp/cab sim and ramped up the midrange. Now he says it translates on small speakers but the mix falls apart when he cranks it in his car.

I can’t win for loosing with this one. And then goes ‘well, its cool…keep working on it. I understand…I know that mixing bass has never been your strong suit’. I sure as hell made me glad he paid me upfront ~SMH~

Post a response if you’re willing to take a listen, and I’ll toss it on a private thread than invite anyone to it who’s curious. But go ahead and comment on it here so it doesn’t blow up everyones inboxes.

There’s your problem. What is “bigger”? Did you ask for a reference track(s)? I wouldn’t have touched it without first agreeing between the two of us exactly what we were aiming for - and that agreement cannot be done with words alone, there must be references.


I have GOT to stop messing with these things when the guys expectations are just unrealistic. I had a rough mix that I assumed I’d beat pretty easily because it sucked ass. His bass was unbearably loud and the whole mix was smothered with reverb.

Is there the possibility of triggering another sample or sound using the low bass notes and then blending the two together?

I would love a listen if possible, I’m dealing with a similar problem with one of my tracks, although I’m not too stubborn to try different things to get my sound!

I haven’t got any “advice” but am curious to hear as well. I’m inclined to agree with AJ’s comment though - you both need to be trying to achieve the same thing. It’s not that you can’t do what he wants, you just don’t know. Hence, AJ’s point of the reference.

@Jonathan clearly the answer is the ENGL amp sim! :grin:

I don’t have a license for it. If he wants an amp he’s gonna have to settle for the Scuffham Solano or the Waves PRS lol.