Carol of the Bells

We had far too much fun making this video. Also, videos are a pain to make. Enjoy.


Haha! That was awesome and very well done! I’ve never seen the “chin-face” before! Love the accordion cameo too.

Ummmm, so should we infer then that you enjoy pain?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t know what I enjoy anymore.

Love the kids in here. Looks like a lot of fun to do. Sound is really good. Like to hear just a touch more bass. I heard some in the last vox note. Credits were well done.
In answer to your statement…you enjoy music in general!

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only critique I have is that the cuteness level is turned up too high, it is infectious and resonating too much

ps: I need that cuteness plugin from bozlabs next


A very talented family in a very creative presentation, thanks for posting this. A lot of careful staging and editing obviously, your pain is our gain.


I forgot to ask. About how many hours do you think you have into this project? Just curious, because it has spiked my interest.

Oh, geez. I don’t know. I was pretty heavy handed in the way I did the orchestration. I tried not to spend too much time on arranging it because I knew the arrangement wasn’t going to be the focus. I just wanted it to sound like a halfway competent version of the song. I didn’t even realize that I made it too short and left out a section, so we had to skip over that when recording the vocals.

I didn’t really keep track of the time I spent on it. Probably more than I should have. Trying the get all the kids to cooperate at the same time was probably the hardest part.

Recording the vocals worked better than I would have expected. I had had to rely pretty heavily on autotune for my voice, but I think it’s actually pretty hard to hear the autotune in a stacked vocal take like this.

The video editing was sort of miserable because I tried to treat it like audio editing. I staked all the videos onto different tracks then cut stuff out that I didn’t want. The biggest problem with this is that video takes a lot more CPU to apply FX, so any time I made a change, I had to wait a minute for it to render in place before I could watch it smoothly. I offloaded most of the video editing onto my daughter and just did some of the touchups in the end.

That was a long way to say I don’t know how much time I spent. Most of it was fun though.


Well just a 12 hours estimate would have done the trick, but I enjoyed the journey that you laid out much better. Personally, the music was good/fun, but the kids quadrupled the interest factor.

My new audiobox from studio one now has a video input. Scares me a bit thinking to trying something.
I am going to to Minneapolis a week from today for Christmas with my family. ( six from Texas also) I have 6 grandkids and three of them are very tech savvy. We are going to do a family song (fam jam) and I would love to have the kids who are singing in it animated. I am hoping we can pull this off. Not sure what kinda camera is needed. I will google that.
As I have said many times, I use melodyne on all my mutt notes. They come more often to me lately unless I am singing with more power, like on a chorus part. I get very turned off with pitchy vox’s I hear so many tv commercials that are actually hard to listen to. Woops, I am ranting
Sounds like you did have a good time and all, so that’s good. I will try next week and put something up here if we can pull it off. thanks much for the reply

They all appear and sound so professional, and that was my favorite Christmas music video for 2020, dude!

Please thank them all for the extra holiday cheer they brought into the world!

That was fantastic! Well performed, great sound, concept, you and your family should be extremely proud. Thanks for sharing!

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