Can't upload a song, how can you help me?

I’m trying to upload a song, it’s a wav file but
every time I try it gives me a blacked out screen.

Am I doing something wrong? Bad? Past behavior karma?
Dunno, but i wanna fix it.
Maybe I’m hitting the wrong buttons or I’m somehow
not eligible. Please help!


Yeah probably the karma thing. Or more likely you need to do an mp3.

I haven’t even got that far into it!

So, i went to Bash This …

Entered a title for my thread.

In the comment section, there is an upload arrow. Clicked it and it went to a shaded screen.

Then, backed out of that and clicked on the other upload thingy says it for audio etc. That one also went to a shaded screen.

What’s a boy to do?

From the home page go to ‘Category > Bash This Recording’ then click on the blue plus sign, window opens where you can enter topic title, comments and upload mp3 then click on ‘Create Topic’

I just entered a test thread this way.

I’ve never uploaded a wav. file, always do an mp3…

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It definitely needs to be an mp3. wav files are massive and we’d be out of space in no time :slight_smile:
Other than that, it sounds like you have the right process :+1:

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Got it. Thanks everyone!

It was the wav not being converted to mp3 before uploading. My bad, as usual.

Yay! I’m glad. And no worries at all. I’m glad you mentioned the wav thing. :slight_smile: