Can't Let You Go by Colton Benjamin

Mix practice - a kind of mellow R&B-ish tune. I got the tracks from the multi-track library.


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Hey Mike, this translates very nicely to my cruddy 2.1 computer speakers at work. I’d prefer to listen on my studio speakers, of course…

Being picky, the first verse has a couple of phrases that maybe need some automation to be heard more clearly - for example the phrase around 35 secs.

Apart from that though, sounds great from this POV.

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Ok listening on studio speakers now… Still sounds great… couple more things:

  • The vocals sound like they have a bit of a buildup somewhere in the 600-800hz range - It’s pretty subtle, but I just think it would make the vocal more attractive and expensive-sounding if there was less of it. Perhaps a little “air” on the vocal would help too.
  • The rhythm guitar in the left channel just “jumps out” a little too much. Perhaps just easing up on the midrange boost there would seat it more cohesively in the mix.

Otherwise, the low end sounds nice and tight, and the mix is sweet - nice work!

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback Andrew!

You have a fabulous voice. Really like that Your voice is “out front” super mellow nice song. Suggestion turn the drums down about 15%. They get in front of you just a bit. The guitar is great.
You’ve got a real singing voice Mike.

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Claude, thanks for much for the kind words. I can honestly say, no one has ever complimented my singing before. I just wish it was ME singing this song! :sunglasses:

Sorry if I wasn’t clear in the original post. This wasn’t my recording. I downloaded the tracks from for some mixing practice. Thanks for the listen!

I put up a revision in the first entry based on your feedback. Thanks again for the comments!