Can you say the same ,mix

A little mix


This is a cool song.

The first thing that jumps to my ears is the spike in sub-low frequencies on the low F# that is played every two bars. It’s kind of overwhelming so I’m wondering if the monitoring system you are using is able to accurately reproduce these? Maybe you just can’t hear them.

Other than that it’s a great mix, balanced and pleasant. There’s a nice use of reverb to bring that hugeness on the percussions, on interesting guitar treatment. The vocals are clear and present yet sit in the mix very well. Maybe the sibilance on the lead vocal could be tamed a little more.

Good job!

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Cheers for the feedback and glad you mostly liked it.I mixed it with headphones actually

Hey Alan, very cool mix - It sounds like it would be fun to do!

I’d echo a lot of the sentiments of @Lophophora Jean-Marc. I think you’ve done a great job, but the subs are overpowering. For a perfect reference (IMO) for this track, check out Imagine Dragons’ “Believer”

It pretty much has the same basic “template” as far as sounds go. Notice how those big sub-bass 808 “pulses” or “drops” are still there, but they are much more subdued, yet very audible and “dense”. They are a lot more “contained”. I’ve done a little bit of work with this sort of thing, and I’ve found that distortion/saturation is a very effective tool to achieve that kind of effect.

Nice work!

Cheers Andrew i will look again. It could possibly be because i mixed it in headphones not sure. Cheers mate

Made some adjustments