Can someone recommend a video monitor + camera setup?

I’m not putting a window in the studio between the control room and the vocal booth. Does anyone know of a low-cost camera setup that could be used instead? So a camera and a screen in the control room, and a camera and a screen in the live room?

I don’t need audio or video recording capabilities…its for seeing stuff, not for surveillance. Just a fixed camera that plugs into a normal screen, but that has super low latency. Any suggestions?

hmm. It’s surprisingly hard to fine a small wall mount camera that has HDMI output. I would assume you don’t want a crappy standard def video resolution right? Because if that’s all you need, then there are plenty of options of wall mount cameras that have analog output.

Maybe try searching for webcams with HDMI output? I don’t see many of those, but you’ll also want to make sure it’s the kind of camera that can run 24/7 without overheating.

We bought three of these, they have HDMI output and you can use as monitor camera with a flat screen TV. When I went to the store and did a search, they did not come up. But I had saved a link from last year … :slight_smile: It looks like they should still have them…

Generally they are excellent cameras… I did quite a bit of research and found there was no reason whatsoever to spend more than this… (unless you want to LOOK professional…)

I think Kent (venuestudios) did that in his studio space. IIRC he was originally going to do the window, and then decided against it for construction or cost reasons. So he went with a camera. Maybe you could message him and see what he got.

I think that pretty much answers the question…and addresses the issues of latency. I wouldn’t have thought to use a camcorder! lol.

also, I’m trying not too do anything to crazy to the house lol. At some point I’m going to need to re-sell it.

Do those things stay on indefinitely, or do they time out after a while and go into some sort of power save mode?

You use a USB cable to supply power - and if this is connected it should stay on,

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How is that thing? I’ve been looking for a no frills camera that I can set on my desk and do simple videos. Does it let you manually set the aperture and sensitivity? It looks like it has manual white balance.

It is a great basic camera. I just set it on full auto. The only adjustments apart from zoom is via scene mode… blur background, some lighting changes etc. If I were to get something that was significantly better I would have to pay a lot more, plus know what I was doing. I spent days looking into video cameras for several thousand, than decided to stick with this. I had one from before and we bought two more in NY.