Can someone email me Killer Home Recording?

Can someone email me Killer Home Recording?
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Here’s my receipt:


You paid 176 dollars : That’s some expensive book. Man, you;ve been had.


Do you have a copy?


Nop[e, but I’d want more than $500 if I had,


I have it mate,
But i’d have thought it a bit below your expertise anyway?

But yeah i can find the files and dropbox it you when i get chance. Will try sort it nxt couple of days but i’m mega busy. So give me a nudge if i forget.


I might have it too. I’ll have a look if Lazy doesn’t come up with it.


I’ve got the pdf files on an older computer but I seem to remember there are a bunch of them, there were audio files too. Last time I looked it felt quite dated hence it’s still on the old computer. I did print the docs all out though coz I became something of a geek about reading manuals :slight_smile:
Would be a bit of a mission to unearth but if you need me to, just ask. I never paid that much for it though, think I got a half-price special. It was a fantastic help though, never ever regretted that money spent at the time.


why do u want it? from your pm it sounded like u want to copy it, reproduce it and make it your own!


:-1: shame on you


Ha!! What?

That’s not at all what I had in mind.

Ian, I assure you, I have no interest in re-writing, plagiarizing, bootlegging, or re-producing this in any way. I had some ideas that could help people (like the last dude who asked about it) and are at a loss for some possibly usable information given the fact no one can buy this thing anymore.

I simply wanted to look at what was in there again, and see what the legal disclaimer may have allowed or prevented anyone from doing in terms of finding some legal, ethical, and appropriate way to disseminate some of Brandon’s ideas.


i think it should just be available free to people who were registered on RR.
brandon has pretty much given up on it anyway.
its also aimed at beginners and based on aging software so it seems right it should be free to his followers.
he let the site slip and neglected to reply to sales inquiries so fuck him.
he surely isnt arsed or even trying to sell or endorse it anyway. he even stated it was obsolete when he was trying to push his newer killer compression etc. so i doubt hed mind. i think as long as it still states written by brandon dury then he would be honoured and proud its still out there.
but to be honest when u break it down it is good but very in depth over simple recording issues.
a great piece of work written by an over enthusiastic guy with mediocre skills.
an excellent piece of work for people setting out and wanting to learn. #let them have it,
if Brandon disagrees , blame me
just give it away for free. music should be free anyway. i`ve had enough of this shit.

anyway im selling all my gear so hit me up if youre interested.
cheers E


Are you really? Is this the dad life doing you in or did you just get bored with it?


Simple., It’s copyright Brandon. Ethical, Legal etc = contact him and get his permission or a license. OK?


For now. When he’s 70 and he wants something to do, he might resurrect KHR. That’s for HIM to say, not us.


Yeah its just the fact that i get no spare time with work/ dad thing and trying to do engineering study at home.
I wouldnt willingly sell up but we are selling our house and moving in with family till we emigrate.
I just havent the room to take and musical gear.
Not selling guitars though.


I envy you your destination. Wish you well on the pre-journey and final journey. Take care


hahaa…not funny but it is …

I bought the KHR because of just donating and supporting the great site and all the excellent shootouts.

I have a bunch of files and stuff, the KHR package, but a lot of it is very beginner stuff and sold as that…waaay below the level what Jonathons doing.

Brando even mentions it as beginner, getting started. Its well done imo,

$176? that seems more than I paid. I recall having to chat with him personally because he wasnt sending them out or something. He had stopped doing the hard-copy or something. I only got the soft copy version…apparently shortly before Brando bolted.