Can I get a reference ? :)


This is the second track I’m trying to mix. I haven’t done automation’s yet,but aside from that I think I’m almost done.

Again no vocals. This track, together with another one, will serve as tracks to use to find a new vocalist for my band. This gives them a track where they can write something of there own, and maybe record it, or do an audition with us.

Have fun listening!

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The playing sounds great to me. The drums feel a bit weak and one dimensional, but nothing a bit of compression, volume and room mics can’t fix.

It could also use a bit of a meaner bass I think. Nothing too attention drawing, but a little bit of growl can really beef it up.

I hope you find a decent vocalist. That’s always been extremely hard for me to do.

Also, if you ever need some orchestration done, I love doing backing orchestration for metal songs when the song calls for it. Here’s a song I started a while ago and just kind of gave up because I knew I’d never be able to find a vocalist for it.


I seem to get lost with room mic’s. Can’t seem to get something that I think IS what you should be looking for. Its in there, and it makes some difference, but I’m still not feeling like I am with other tricks on other instruments.
I put some compression on the drum buss now, and a bit of limiting, not quite sure if that was what you where referring to :slight_smile:

I put a little boost on the lows, and put the distortion track a bit higher. Did I get the desired effect here or ? :slight_smile:

Thanks, I hope we can find one as well. Pretty difficult like you said. I’m also planning on learning grunts and screams, but I’m not yet sure in how far that is going to work out :smiley: So can’t bet on that yet :stuck_out_tongue: In a month I’ll know more…

Ok cool, I’ll remember that. I think if we get to another album someday, that might come in handy !

ALSO, I added some automation to the leads, the rhythm guitar and the bass. The dual leads where fighting with the rest of the track.

Hmmm, seems kinda off :sweat:

The kick is really loud now. Somewhere in between these two would probably be about right.

Also, keep in mind that once you have vocals in there, your focus on mixing will have to change. Honestly, if you are using this to find a vocalist, I think it’s in good enough shape (just turn that kick down a bit). The mix is most definitely not getting in the way of the song. Nobody is going to hear it and think “oh man, that’s the kind of music I’d like to sing to, but it’s just too amature sounding.”

The playing is good and tight, the mix is not distracting. You can get into the creative mixing once the song is done. For this song to fulfil it’s purpose, it’s pretty much there.


Yeah, that one was way off :smiley:

I guess I’m quite far away from that :smiley: I was kinda impressed with this already :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha. Keep that one in context of course. Second real mix ever so. But I’m not sure as to where to go from here. Just keep going or ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its all on headphones so I guess its also a disadvantage, but I’m testing out that reference 3 software from sonarworks. I got a feeling it does make some difference though.

I’d call it done and let it serve it’s purpose. Any tweaking you do from here will just be tweaking, but if you want practice, I think you are better off starting another song. It’s just way more effective that going over this one a million times trying to squeeze stuff out of it. You can do that when you have vocals.

Once you have vocals, you will find spots that you wished you had done differently, but it’s really hard to hear that stuff until you have them, so mulling over it now would be time spent less effectively.

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Thanks for the advice !

I’ll use this one then :smiley:

Yeah I guess vocals make a big change as well. Looking forward to that :smiley:
As soon as we do have some, I’ll make a mix, and post it here !!!

Thanks again !

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Yeah, use this, if it helps, think of it as demo quality, even then it’s still pretty good for a demo.:slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: Thanks !

Yeah it almost sounds as good as our full album as far as I can hear. Its different, plus the amps used are quite better then then my ampsim, plus the mastering dude is pretty good, so the end result is a bit better, but still.

After listening in the car, I’m gonna do a little cut in the cartboard zone from the guitars.



You have a good foundation for a song here. The basic structure is there, you have lead breaks using dual guitars obviously inspired by Thin Lizzy, bridges, verses and choruses.

I find it a bit tricky to advise you where to go next on this until you have some vocals down! OK, the drums and bass appear weak, both need a bit more punch, but maybe that’ll suit the incoming vocalist’s tone, pitch, etc., and maybe backing vocals too?

Good luck with the project and I look forward to hearing the finished article!

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Yeah, I cant seem to find a good heavy bass sound, or at least not one that fits in the mix with a good punch. Maybe I’m to scared of potential mud, I dunno. Maybe a bit the same with the drums, although I don’t really have the feeling they are weak. Maybe I don’t have enough references in my head :slight_smile: I’ll probably need to learn how to work with them compressors a bit better.

As soon as we find a new vocalist, we’ll be doing a recording for this song, and try to finish it. I’m not sure about the Thin Lizzy, cause I don’t know any music from them :blush:

Thanks for the input :smiley:


Here’s a link for some Thin Lizzy stuff… hope you like it!

I have much to learn on the art of mixing too! If I had the know how I would lay down some bass tracks for you!

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Thanks :slight_smile: I will check it out as soon as I’m in the mood again! I’m having another “not in the mood to listen to music” vibe atm. Mostly happens when I want to write something, but cant get it out.

That would have been sweet indeed :slight_smile: Maybe there’s some one who can do it for the both of us ^^ ? ? ? hehehe