Can BOSS DD 500 handle line level?

Hey everyone! Is there any of you ever use BOSS DD 500 on a line level?
I’m about to buy new delay pedal, and want to put it after my preamp. A bit cautious about this instrument-amp-line level thing.
Any opinions? Thanks before.

The specs state a maximum input level of +8Dbu which translates to 1.95 volts RMS. Most professional audio units output a line level of +4dBu* (1.23 volts RMS), so it looks like it should not overload the input.

  • The +4dBu specs are based on a 600 ohm impedance

There will be impedance mismatching as the delay pedal is expecting a very high input impedance (1 meg), but I don’t see a reason that it shouldn’t work.

Maybe someone else can chime in, if they feel otherwise.

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That’s a really good information, since my preamp has +8dBu on it’s maximum volume, yet mostly I set the volume about a half or a little bit more.

Thanks, mate! It does really helps! :beers:

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The boss pedal(most of them) have buffered inputs and are pretty forgiving in terms of level and impedance on the input. And you can always turn the output of the preamp down.
My only concern would be the output… where is that going? If it’s going to a power amp, that power amp will be looking for line level, low impedance. If it’s going to a board or interface, you can go into an instrument input.
But I’d rather not send my axe thru a nice preamp and then rely on the output/mix amp of the delay.
If your preamp has an fx loop, you might be better off.
But I have done crazier things than this… it may sound fantastic… :slight_smile:have fun


Well basically, I uses my fx loop in a straight signal chain, which is, I put my preamp into fx and then send them into power amp for amp use, AND directly to mixer (using cab sim). I’m pretty sure what outputs that I wanted and where it should go. Just looking for device that match with my signal chain, to make sure it has no overload signal.

And this what I’ve been talking about with @JayGee, about headroom, to be precise. My preamp max output is +8dBu and max input for Boss DD 500 stated +dBu, I never went crazy about the output, and halfway does already loud for me. So, maybe it’ll be about +4 or +5 dBu into the DD 500, and still have about +4 or +3dBu headroom, which is not much, but enough I guess. That’s why I concern about how it handle line level signal.

Thanks anyway, really good perspective for me to consider.


Actually that’s not an fx loop… like you said, it’s a straight chain. Your straight chain is a serial connection and an fx loop is parallel.
Going into a power amp, you really should consider impedance. Running high impedance into it can beat on the front end of the power amp. It’s not the most efficient or optimal condition. Especially since you are doing the opposite coming out low Z into high Z pedal, then coming out High Z into a low Z input.
Probably won’t blow anything up… :slight_smile: But I wouldn’t go on tour like that. :grinning:
Have fun

Yes, what I meant is using fx loop “logic” in a straight chain, not to put fx before the preamp (front end). Ah I bet YKWIM. And I don’t think that fx loop is always parallel, it could be serial too (but in the amp loop) as far as I know.

Thanks anyway! It keeps me aware for what I’m doing. This the specs for both (top: preamp, bottom: the DD500), and I don’t think I have to worry about what we’ve talked about. :smile: