Can anyone recommend a good recording podcast?

Hi folks,
Many moons ago I used to listen to the Home Recording Show podcast. Jon Tidey was one of the main reasons I (thankfully) moved away from Pro Tools and into the arms of Reaper.
Since that show died, i have not really listened to, or even looked for for that matter) a replacement.
I did listen to Mixerman’s audio book which was entertaining and may revisit it again. The issue is, I now have enough knowledge to get by, so beginner stuff won’t interest me, yet I don’t want anything overly complex or gear heavy either. Hmmm…

I guess I am looking for something informative, entertaining and and that will show me a trick or two, remind me of a few things and spark new ideas or methods when recording and mixing.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Here are a few that I enjoy:

The Eric Valentine one isn’t a Podcast per se, but it is an awesome deep-dive into his crazy major-label yet somehow endearingly DIY world.

Mike Senior has a podcast exclusive to paying patrons of his Patreon page - it’s pretty damn good. If you join as a patron, he’ll even do an exclusive critique of your mix as the main feature on the podcast:


Wow, thanks! I will be sure to check these out over the coming weeks/months and let you know what I think.
Thanks again!

I actually can’t recommend Happy Funtime Hour enough. It’s run by the owner of Kush Audio, Greg Scott and his podcast partner Nathan Daniel. It’s been running for years, and rather than serving as an advert for his own products, Greg Scott has opinions about everything, some of which you’ll agree with, and others you won’t. It’s a great, funny and stupid podcast, which will teach you some techniques but mostly give you good insight into music production. As an example of an “out there” tip that Greg Scott gives, which I to this day use, is when listening to a mix, try pointing your head down towards the floor. This puts the music square above your head. At this position you’ll hear certain elements of music clearer / differently. I use this technique all the time, and it might be all psychological but I always manage to find a sound / frequency that I have to deal with.


When I saw the title I was going to recommend the Happy Funtime Hour too! It is to this day, it is the only podcast I have ever listened to. Great info and lots of entertainment! I even won a plugin! :grin: