Came Here From RR

Came Here From RR


An old Recording Review holdover. I didn’t contribute much then but I’ve been making a lot of music recently. I am excited about giving feedback and participating in gear discussion too.


Welcome! We have a Bash This Recording section here as well, so if you have something to post put it up and we’ll try to help.


Hey man! A fair number of us RR guys are still lingering and lurking here :smiley: We’d love to hear what you have going on these days. Glad you found the site! Welcome back.


Great to have you aboard! Looking forward to hearing the music you’re making!! :beerbanger:


@touchingcloth69, we’re gonna get along fine. I can tell by the username.


Good to have you here. The more, the merrier. :hugs:


Your in the right place. This is a good forum. welcome back


Feels good to be back doesn’t it!!!