Call of the Wild - Upbeat Folk

Here’s another one I did with my wife - she wrote the song using lyrics from the poet Robert Service. Would love your thoughts on the production & mix, thanks!


I like it! It’s fun and sounds pretty good to me. I assume your wife sang it too? I would guess she has been trained in musical theatre and/or opera. I’d guess a Lyric Soprano voice. Very nice and very talented. I like her emotional connection with the material.

As to the mix, I think the instrumentation is very good and appropriate. There seems to be some kind of treatment or effects on her voice (or mic?) that is giving a bit of a brittle tone and a fair amount of sibilance. Perhaps a little warmer tone on her voice would help, in terms of signal chain or processing. It’s a little “brightish” I think. There may also be some clashing/masking in the upper mids with a few things going on in the mix (vocals, flute, piano, etc).

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I like a lot of the individual elements. The drums sounded really cool to me, right off the bat.

The mix, to me, is somewhat fatiguing to listen to. It feels jumbled, and I think the song could benefit from more stereo width, as well as more separation between the instruments. Probably EQ wise. It just feels to me like the instruments are all competing with each other for attention, and with the vocal as well. I’m not sure what the focal point is. Hmm, maybe the piano is taking up too much space? I know that instrument is known as a frequency spectrum hog. I hope that helps!

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Nicely done. I would say that the vocal is a little show tuney. I think that cut some of the verb and giving it back some mids would help to give it some umpf. That is my take anyway. Thanks for sharing i am enjoying it.

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As far as the mix goes: I fully agree with Christina.
But I do like the song! Quite original, almost musical like.

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I like it - sound-wise, it sounds like a completed vision to me. Mix-wise, everything sounds clear and defined.

My only suggestions are arrangement ideas…

The dynamic of the arrangement kind of peaks early and stays level for the rest of the song, apart from the key modulation later in the song. The constant element during the entire song is the piano. I think if you experimented with strategically muting it and making a feature of that section (kind of like a breakdown), it would really heighten the long-term dynamic impact of the track.

The “chorus” section (eq. from 59 secs) seems to long for another percussion “voice” to be added, or at least the existing one to be changed - the equivalent of the drummer switching from the hi-hat to the ride - to mirror the sense of flowing forward movement that the music implies. I hope that makes sense.

In any case - it’s good to hear something different and fresh. Nicely done!

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Yay, new fresh sounds! Loving that percussion, could you share how you have created this?
Very cool strings… a really truly violin/viola?? There is a nice cohesive punch to it all and I’m enjoying hearing some more of Service’s fabulous lyrical imagery.

I heard shades of Kate B’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ in the vocal, that cool sharp edge. In terms of bashing, there’s a sense of relentlessness to the production… which I’m enjoying… Hmm, I’m 50/50 with that ‘relentless’ vibe, rather like the way it grows and grows whereas my ears were expecting more ebbs and flows… artistically, I’m enjoying that edge that you have created by a more creative spirit… if that makes any sense?

I’m in a celtic mode at the moment so particularly enjoyed the fresh dark folk-spirit…

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