Cage rock mix

Cage ,enjoyed this one

I really like guitar and drum tones, they work well together I found!
As usual, the overall tone and mix are very solid regarding the song.

I found the lead vocal sound off like it was scooped too much (it could be a recording issue).
I also wish a bit more guitars during the bridge to emphaze this section more.

Nice work, nice song choice as well!

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Drums need more Saturation, like a decapitator or even more parallel compression. Go bigger. The guitars in the Chorus are too quiet, they should be huge. I think you are being conservative with this mix, don’t be afraid to push it. I want an automated delay on his lead Vox. I’m getting an The Offspring vibe when I think this has the potential to be more on Breaking Benjamin level. Does that make sense?

The mix is a bit iffy to be honest

3rd mix I’ve heard from you today. :slight_smile:
Hmm, this one seems like it hasn’t quite pulled together as much as the others. The vocals are very much on top of the music, making what should be a powerful track weaker. The vocal sound itself is fine, I am just finding it a little jumpy and overall too loud compared to the other tracks.

The guitars sound awesome, but they are getting lost in parts, especially the pre-chorus. They sound KILLER in that bridge! Pump em up!!! The bass and toms (toms are very low end heavy, rather than a ring, they boom) seem to smother them. Also not sure if the drums need a little more room or similar to give a bit of space to them. It’s especially bare and lacks that punch and space in the chuggy stoppy part at around 3:50.

Having read my critique, it seems overly critical (I guess that’s cos it is!) but having just come off your other mixes, this one seems like it’s just not on the same level.

Having said that, you now have me as a fan of your music and have thoroughly enjoyed all three songs. Please feel free to PM or reply here with where I may be able to access any releases you have done. I’d love to check out some more.