Cage, mix

Rock mix.I enjoy mixing this stuff

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diggin it! Nice gritty feel. Though the delay on the vocals soften the grit up a bit. Perhaps try a smaller delay or use a vocal doubler on the voice and automate the consonants up a bit. Raise the predelay. Pan the vocal delay too maybe extreme left right. For this kind of song I feel like my ear wants to ear the energy of the vocals bouncing left right, not sure what song I remember… could just be a production input more than mixing.

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Cheers for the feedback i will do some experiments

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Made some changes

hiya, the vocal has a nice grit feel to it now but a lot of the “substance” of the instruments / backtrack was lost. ( though I have not heard it in a treated space yet, but its likely the case) If you could keep the backtrack in v1 and the vocals from v2.

another thing, if you doubled up on the vocals, check for phasing around the 4 min marker. If doubling and splitting is causing issues, a simple fix is simply turing the delay and reverb down on the vocals and play around with compression threshhold.

Hi cheers for your feedback again .At 4 mins that’s a phaser on the vox