CabClone Line out test with IRs

How’s everyone?

Just in case there’s some interest - Mesa have the original Cab Clone, which is a hardware load box and speaker emulator that’s been in general called outdated by their new CabClone IR andother tech like Torpedo Captor. It has fallen down in price considerably and generally hated by online forums and such. On the off chance I decided to try if the Line Out can be used to bypass the speaker emulated portion and record with cab impulse responses from my DAW.
It turned out that it works quite well and I am starting to enjoy my tube amps much more, now that I can do quiet practice with them when the family’s home.

Here’s what I recorded for test:
(no post production)

(post production)

What do you think - good enough to be on a record or not?


So if I understand you correctly, you are using the CabClone as basically just a load box, then? The eq’d version sounds fine to me!

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Yes, the “speaker simulation out” is generally hated, haven’t seen anyone use it as load box so decided to try it out that way.

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I agree, Cab Clone line out to IR pedal to digital recorder is much better than any of the 3 emulations in the CC.

I am just surprised people didn’t do that in the DAW but just went ahead and dumped them back on the market as being garbage.

Unfortunately, the soundcloud links aren’t working for me

Yes, looks like they are down. I’ll see if I can restore.