acoustic song about first love!!


Hey Paul, well I had a listen earlier on my iPad and I really enjoyed the chorus melody in this track, but I wanted to wait to reply until I could listen on my studio system… So I finally got some time to switch on my computer, opened up the site, and… it’s been taken down…:cry:

…no matter, one of the advantages of being a Moderator here is that I can view the edit history of a post, so I was able to listen anyway! :sunglasses:

Apart from the song having a very sweet chorus melody (with an absolutely perfectly placed harmony), your mix sounds very good. The drums are very much in the background, and could do with a little more punch, but that is really no big deal, because the song is not about drums and strong rhythms.

Nice work!

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Hi Andy I actually forgot that you were a moderator. I guess because of your talents.

Funny you speak of the chorus melody. For the first time I played and recorded just the notes of what I wanted there. There are all over the place so I let them ring while singing to just one acoustic side.

I can bring up the drums easily. I did find that my final mix was averaging about -9db. When I brought up the drums, it would start clipping. I am using the ones in Studio one and not EZ. I can easily find the culprits and bring those down.

You da man. I am not doing well in my head. Very edgey. I have no answers. You are very kind

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Hey Paul, so good to hear from you. This is such a sweet song, really made me feel good to listen to it. These days, that is so welcome.

The only thing to suggest mix-wise is maybe bring up the low end a bit, give it a bit more bottom to support the midrange-heavy main parts of the song.

But this is great stuff and I am glad you’re here sharing it with us. :slight_smile:

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Hey Dave. I have been a real pain in the ass around here as late. No excuses. Not proud of myself. Never really been depressed before. I wrote this song last week to try to lift out of the dang thing.

I have to learn how to cut the proper frequencies on the acoustic. I had heard the thinness and actually played one more track to help that. I didn’t at that time even EQ it. I did however try to not hit much of the 5th and 6th strings. Kinda cheating a bit. Acoustic guitars are so hard to deal with the mix.
Thanks for the kind words and help. Onward and upward

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I hear ya buddy. Shit’s hard these days. Music is good therapy! Onward and upward indeed. :slight_smile:

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I like all your music, Paul. This is no exception. What really stands out is the stereo separation and the tones. Every part is so vibrant!

I know it’s a stressful time on many levels, and I do hope you feel better for making that song. I do! Thanks for sharing.

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love it

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