Busking Anyone?


Pretty cool! I guess he got a big extension cord someone let him plug in to power that stuff. Rather exotic with electric cello and didgeridoo. Short set though I bet, no way you’d leave all that stuff sitting there to take a bathroom break. :slightly_smiling_face:

No kidding! He’s got a lot of gear. In another of his videos, you can see someone helping him set up. There is also someone filming him, so it’s really a production, not just plain old busking. It’s a whole other level of busking. Still, I totally dig what he is doing. Very cool combination of instruments and sounds and cool genre-bending vibe. Also, he has GOT to be spot on his timing with all that looping too!

Yes, great video work, interesting angles and nice locations.

That Boss RC-505 is the key to it all, it looks like they run about $500. He had some other Akai sound pads or something, so it’s more complex than that, but the Boss is what seems to be building and mixing all his sounds.

Here’s another pretty choice example of looping with just vocals and acoustic guitar - and good songwriting! They’re all good, but my personal favorite off the EP is Ghost (not the “beams of light” section!) And the outro on Madrigals is sublime… But the whole 30 minutes is well worth a listen!

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I’m curious: am I the only one on the forum who had to look up what “busking” meant? Learned a new word. :slight_smile:

If interested in some pretty impressive looping, check out True Believers by Phil Keaggy (not a very good recording, but good enough that you’ll get the idea). I’ve heard him in concert where he played every song by himself with only his looper. Sounded like a full band. Pretty gifted guy. Very impressive.

That’s right, I forgot that he did some looping too. Super talented for sure!

I think perhaps it’s more “international” term than American. I only ran across it in the last couple of years and poked around YouTube for awhile to see a bunch of super talented “street performers”. There’s was a documentary on YouTube about it too.