Building it up

I see milked had a mix of this and i liked the track so had a mix myself

Sounds good, did you have any issues with the drum bleed?

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It’s good one, isn’t it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you do anything particular with the vocal track?

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I haven’t heard the multi-tracks yet, but I will usually ‘eq the vocal to make the drum bleed sound good’ - ie, if your vocal eq or compression makes the drum bleed ugly or pointy, fix it until it doesn’t.

When the bleed is coming thru monitors really loud, this can really save your mix… you also ‘mix out’ the tone of the bleed in the drum tracks, to correct the drum sound.

This double top tip will self destruct in 12 hours…


The only real problem that i had was a lot of hat bleed as you can hear .Little bit loud the hats but not much i could do .

just mainly eq

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Thanks @vtr

There was a really pronounced effect, like a gate or something when he would stop singing, then a little pause and the hi hats would come up to level. Or when he was moving across the mic as he was bopping to the beat…

@takka360 Just EQ, huh? Well done!

Maybe with live tracks the key is to just roll with it?

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Hey, from what I hear, the song is pretty song and has a nice dance vibe!

Mix-wise, I found the overall a bit mid heavy but the main thing is the 2bus pumping all over the song that makes it bouncing a lot to me…

By the way, nice glued mix!

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