Building a studio in the back of a trailer

I was just admiring some of these BEAUTIFUL, yet fully function studios that are built into the back of cargo trailers! :smiley:


Looks cool but I could see those getting awfully stuffy and hot in a hurry. Haha!
OnSiteStudios has a cool ring to it :wink:

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I’m assuming these are used mostly for broadcast and/or live recording stuff?

Ha ! I can imagine the engineer hand cranking open one of those plastic dome shaped vents that you find on campers when it gets too hot.

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At first I thought this was one trailer, long sucker!

Then I thought somebody has way too much money to play with.

Guess I still think that even though it’s a bunch of trailers.

With the exception of that pic with the neve and track of Apogees, they usually have dedicated machine rooms on the opposite end of the console, and a quiet but ramped up a/c unit on the outside too.

Yup. Multiple trailers will park outside the sports arena then tie into a digital matrix. Like a patchbay, but all Madi. One of the first clues that its a broadcasting trailer and not a mobile studio is that you will almost always see a 5.1 surround system in these. The third picture is the obvious exception here.

It’d be really impractical for someone to haul the rig into a stadium, set it up, then tear it down. Since the arenas already have the technology in place to pipe it out to a trailer. So either the broadcasting network could own the trailer, or a freelance sound company could own the trailer or then job it out to the network. :smiley:

That makes way more sense. In that case, I have no doubt that they have cooling under control.

Those Vista X consoles start around $400,000k and run into the millions. You know what they say, if you can afford the (insert fancy car here_) you can afford the gas :smiley:

Those Vistas are stunning consoles. Studer is the only company going head-to-head against Avid. Matter of fact, Studer has beat Avid up so bad in this particular market, that Avid backed down.

Eddie Kramer told a story about working at Woodstock, recording with a console and tape machine inside a trailer (off behind the stage), with no air conditioning and no sleep for 3 days! He said it was pure hell, but yet a great experience at the same time. He says he did no drugs … but they gave him Vitamin B-12 shots in the bum to keep him going.

You don’t want to get in a car accident with one of these…

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Just be sure to get your auto insurance coverage through Lloyd’s of London! :wink:

And hope you’re the person in the truck (not the car) when you get hit!