Build A Song Around This Phrase

Build A Song Around This Phrase


I read this phrase the other day and thought it could be the basis of an interesting song based on the current political/social climate of the world.

Violence doesn’t cure violence and hate doesn’t cure hate.

Is anyone interested in participating? I’m thinking of a serious song so I’d prefer not to have parody or comedy lyrics incorporated.


This seems like a VERY cool idea for a regular song challenge! We should do these on a regular basis :beerbanger:


I’d be happy to suspend this project until after the IK Multimedia mix contest.


Ted Nugent would be appalled.

Feels like someone drove a hole through my head
Lying in a puddle colored crimson red
All I asked for was a change of heart
They beat me to the ground, tore my cause apart

They cut off my legs, and stuck a knife in my side
They tell me to stand for their national pride
For a country that has ostracized me
For the color of my skin and my beliefs

In the end I won’t fight back
Hate makes more hate
I’m a scapegoat to divide
Peace will come to those who wait

Their propaganda has so much to tell
They say I hate my country and I’ll go to hell
They say me beliefs are a security threat
But I’m not even gonna stop just yet

I hold up my sign and I pray for peace
The men gun me down and they laugh
They hold their battered flags of the south
As they slice their country’s people in half


thats about half of my current songs as it is lol. the other half is about lying politicians


hy guys, can i partecipate to this project?
Have you a melody line already? Or some music where work on?
I can’t write text because i don’t know very well english language.


This project is open to anyone. As it stands right now, there is no melody. Go for it.


That’s not very Van Halen sounding!

I just realized that was directed at me, I didn’t even know you were telling me to take it seriously, yet I think I did pretty good.


:sunglasses: Mostly, but also for the folks here who also know I’ve written parody lyrics.