Bubble butt booty...acoustic ...reality

Don’t even pretend you don’t believe guys don’t check out gals for looks and build as they walk by.
Most who pursue will get burned. Henceforth, a track about such happenings

bubble butt booty

Rumors fly….yur running around…there’s whispers you been cheatin on me
If yur messin with another then I can not be your lover …anymore…no more

My Intentions wrong right from the start (pre chorus) Am G
A pretty face don’t mean a pretty heart…so

Don’t be lookin for a beauty with a bubble butt booty C G Am F
she’ll be lookin for attention……she will turnin guy’s heads (chorus}
Don’t be lookin for a beauty better settle for a cutie
Maybe then she won’t be endin up in some…guy’s…be…e…ed…C G Am F Am

Promises are promises… They’re there to keep…along the way I musta fell asleep
It is sad I didn’t see it cummin if I had I’d sure be runnin…guess I got in way to deep

Happy… angry…sorta relieved …just so hard for me to believe (bridge)
Here’s a little fact…I caught her in the act…. good…bye….sleeze


Wow that’s definitely one of the best tracks I’ve heard from you. Infectious hook, good instrumentation and just an all around fun song with a pretty true message. (In my experience anyway. Thankfully I found a good one after 45 years!)

I had an uncle that used to say “marry an ugly woman, you’ll never worry about anything.” What was really sad was, he’d say that right in front of her. One time when he said it, I said “thats a horrible thing to say, stop saying that” and I ran to her and hugged her.

She whispers in my ear “it’s ok Danny, he’s worth 100 million and I’m 15 years younger than he is. I’ll up the antifreeze dosage in his coffee.” Lmao!

Great song man!!!

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hi Danny I wish I would have heard that story last week. I would have used some of it in the lyric lines.
The song really came for an experience I had with one of my grandkids. She was about ten, a beautify blue eyed natural blonde cutie. I told her that I was glad she was just average looking so the boys who would call on her might be liking her for her personality etc.
She never got over it and now that she is 19 she avoids conversations with me. We winter down in Texas and each time she would see me when she was still younger she would say “do I still look ugly gramps”? Oh well I sill have five other grandkids that like me.
I figured forum folks would be put off by that track title. I’m glad you saw the story there and thanks for the kind words. take care

:joy: Classic

Hey there Paul, great tune, excellent performances all -round, mix sounds tight, although personal taste would add a bit more punch/presence to the snare and it’s a good honest story that most would probably agree with.
And in the day and age of the yoga pant, a little hard to avoid sometimes, and that’s not always a good thing.
On a related side-note, I saw an article the other day which mentioned Queen had pulled Fat Bottom Girls from a greatest hits release after pressure from a streaming platform, under the grounds that it ‘wasn’t suitable for kids’, or something along those lines.
Crazy stuff.

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Hi Terry Yeah, I used Studio one drums and I should and will bring ing EZdrummer and get them better. You can tweak everything with EZ ( I got lazy) Song is a bit lame yet tho. Needs something for sure.

the day and age of the yoga pant, a little hard to avoid sometimes
you can call me anything you like, but when I shop at walmart , yes with my wife, I get a little bored…so
thanks for your comments, now off to the drums and a different outro

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The way I heard it was “Marry an ugly woman; when she leaves you you’ll be happy”’.

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Nice one! I know you tend to stop working on these things quickly, but did you think about double tracking the harmonies and splitting them out to the sides? This is another one you could play up pretty big. It reminds me of The Kinks a little.

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Thanks for the visit Bob. I think of you often. I will mess with those harmonies now.

A pleasant song; I like it! Audio quality and guitar playing and vocals are very good per usual.