Brandon Drury's "Beginner's Guide to Mastering"

Brandon Drury's "Beginner's Guide to Mastering"


I learned a LOT, especially when I was first getting started, from Brandon Drury’s blogs on RecordingReview. But of course they’re no longer available. I even bought his “KIller Home Recording” series, but now I can’t find it.

Are any of his sage writings archived anywhere? Someone recently asked me about my process for mastering - I learned it from Brandon’s “Beginner’s Guide to Mastering”…


Here’s a link to Brandon’s ‘legacy’ stuff :


Thanks. That’s helpful, but doesn’t seem to include his DIY mastering tutorial.


Have you tried to use to get some pages back like this one (for instance)?


Wow, there’s some good stuff in there!


Wow! This could be a really useful tool!

But I just spent a couple hours digging through archived pages of recordingreview, and still can’t find the article I’m looking for. I think it was in Brandon’s blog, but it might also have been in the forum or a separate article - I looked in all three places. Oh well.

Eventually I might try to recreate it from memory, though I doubt I could do it justice. It’s the method I’ve used for mastering ever since Brandon shared it with me 10 years or so ago.

The gist of it is creating a new project in your regular DAW, with each (already mixed) song on its own track, staggered horizontally so they playback in the order you’ll have them on the CD. This allows you to apply compression and other effects to each track, easily compare levels for consistent volume, and set beginning and ending markers for each song as well as pauses between them.