Boz's Transgressor v2 is out

Transgressor v2 - intro price $29


@bozmillar - I’m trying not to get my feelings hurt because I’m on your mailing list (or should be) and don’t own the plugin. Shouldn’t I have gotten the email announcement… (Just FYI)

BTW, the new EQ section looks familiar. :wink:

Boz also has some other good sales on his site right now:
Provocative $19
The Wall only $29 (no brainer!!)
Plus10dB Bundle only $39


Ok, I have a deal for forum friends. I will buy everything Boz sells if:

  1. you will accept the $100 for your assistance
  2. You will install them in my studio one 2
  3. You will set one into motion and show me just one example of how each work.
    I don’t have anything but stock plugins and I know I am losing out.
    I will be near Houston for the next 5 months :slight_smile:

Ha ha i love it. I would pay $100 to come hang with you and make that happen.

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It’s not so bad to be pathetic :slight_smile: I have welcomed it as of late

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Paul, when you’re set up and ready to go, I will happily log in and walk you through installing them. Boz plugins are awesome, but I don’t have them all so can’t help with all of that But I’m certainly familiar with Studio One - I started with Studio One 2. Seriously though, PM me when you’d like to set up a time and we’ll go through it. (no payment necessary!) :slightly_smiling_face:

PS. Boz’s plugins are also some of the easiest and no nonsense plugins to install…

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You are not losing out. You can do plenty with stock plugins.

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Well, I want the best. Stock sounds average to me.

It’s possible it got caught in a spam filter. There should have been an email that went out on tuesday, and then I sent another one on thursday to anyone who didn’t open the first one.

Not in spam, but I did get the 2nd one, so we’re good. :wink:

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