Boz gettin' some kudos at NAMM

Word gets around… skip to 38:35 - Nice one @bozmillar Boz! :+1:


First, Working class audio is a pretty cool title and I wish I could hit the like button a couple more times for @bozmillar. I know he “plays down” his success, but the man is killing it. Go @bozmillar!


I love his plugin that takes the stereo field in

Go Boz!

Ooh, sweet. thanks for pointing it out. The hard part about NAMM is that I never know who I’m talking to. So many people drop by, and I am already terrible with names.


They talk about your “brilliance”, and compare you to the guys at McDSP and Massey (BTW - I do own a McDSP plugin and used the free Massey stuff for years). You are inspiring some fanboys for sure.

HA!!! That’s exactly what I was thinking when I heard that. How cool!! ;D

Totally! I’d just like to add how wonderfully kind Boz’s Manic compressor is to my shitty little ole CPU. (Intel i3) Will all the rage about the new Waves Omni Channel plugin, Boz already has had 6 different compressor styles to choose from AND you can EQ before or after the compressor too. Then there’s the side-chain listening feature, the Wet/Dry faders, the automated make-up gain, a GUI that is intuitive and easy to use, etc. It seems like MANY of Manic’s features are just coming out or came out after Manic. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Waves was looking at Manic for some ideas they wanted to incorporate. In fact, I’m still trying to get my head around the “Loud Relief” knob. Not sure what exactly it’s doing, but I regularly cycle through it when I’m looking at settings and use it a lot…

I’ve said this elsewhere, but thanks Boz for some great plugins! :+1:

Very cool. I need to take time to listen.

That knob is actually my favorite part about that plugin. Stupid name, but basically what it does is limit how hard the compressor will compress. If I’m not going in parallel, usually what I do is turn the ratio all the way up and the threshold way down, then crank the loud relief knob. It basically lets you be really heavy handed about your settings without going overboard.

I plan on making a video showing what it does, because to me it’s the best part about that plugin.


More praise for Boz from my corner of the world.

I don’t need too much to get through a mix. It might not happen as quickly, as elegantly, or with as much character as I do when I use tools I’m more familiar with, but I can get through something with stock plugins.

BUT!!! This new world of mixing stuff tracked other places with an unreliable level quality or presents many problems. Most of my non-EQ problem solving happens with the help of Boz stuff.

Sasquatch. Yep! Make those poorly recorded kicks DEEP!

Gatey Watey. Cymbal bleed be damned (but in the nicest way possible!)

Panther. Balance out-of-balance stereo tracks or manipulate the stereo field in M/S mode. Necessary on 8/10 pairs of drum overhead or room mics.

Panipulator. Use it all the time on the master bus to flip Left/Right for an alternate perspective and to create mono delays/reverbs in the always-stereo-ready world of Reaper.

…but the non-problem-solving is cool, too.

I’m still wrapping my head around the +10db stuff. I think the compressor and I are becoming friends - I use it in parallel for my drums. The EQ sounds good but its usage isn’t second nature to me yet. It feels very…nice sounding. I’m more used to EQs that will let me make something sound bad before I improve it. This thing kind of always sounds good no matter how much I try to mess something up with it!


When I got the hardware, I had a hard time wrapping my head around it too. Once I had it finished, I asked David to make some presets, and he said that he never changed the settings on it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 10dB stuff - It’s damn idiosyncratic to operate though. I bought this Groove 3 tutorial about it - Explained really well here:

I agree. I expected it to plug and play like a normal compressor and it caught me off guard a little.

Plugin naming contest @bozmillar! Details!

I sure am behind on a lot of topics, but I just wanted to mention I used Imperial Delay and Manic Compression on my Fever cover, vocals primarily. In my case, the performance and recording is pretty always flawed, and the effects do smooth them out to a large degree. I am always seeking clear enunciation and yet I like busy and loud and I’m often a slurrer. These effects add a lot of warmth and color.


I think the hardware is the same,very tricky to get used to