Boz Digital - ReCoil

Congrats to our friend @bozmillar for his latest plugin…

Just diving into the demo and listening to samples. You did an absolute killer job on this Boz!! :beerbanger:

Everything about this plugin has me all giddy. I want a hardware version of this soooo bad.
Check out the demo and take advantage of the intro price while you still can. I know I am!


I bought it :slight_smile:
Well worth it. Again, I’d LOVE a pedal version of this!

My first Peavey amp introduced me to Spring Reverb, 40+ years ago. I never imagined someone could ‘tweak’ that, but I guess Boz did. Just in time for “Spring” (season), ironically. Now, if he could fashion that to 432Hz, well, he’d have quite the statement. :wink:

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I forgot about the whole 432 thing lol

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Well, Boz did make fun of 432 Hz, but from what I understand, there’s some serious science or thought behind it. Initially, people were blaming the A = 440 Hz standard on the Nazi’s (i.e. Joseph Goebbels), but it now appears that it was the Rockefellers that did that … not the Nazi’s. Makes sense when you realize how propaganda went way beyond the WWII era (i.e. “Mockingbird Media”). The Globalist Cabal is behind it all, and they blame things on specific groups to throw you off target.

The 432 Hz science goes back to ancient Greece, Pythagoras IIRC. It makes a lot of sense. Does that make it true? No. But it’s interesting to explore, rather than not ever questioning anything …

I can easily tune guitars to 432 Hz (most tuners go up/down in frequency), and there seems to be an advantage to it, but yet things like MIDI keyboards are not easily adapted to that. It may be possible, but not easy. You can vary your DAW “playback rate” to adapt to that though.