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Just a heads-up for those that haven’t already ordered… The introductory price for Transgressor is going away soon! Boz makes some killer plugins, and this one is no exception. It’s to your advantage to at least check out the demo!

Transgressor Introductory Sale Ends This Saturday

I wanted to drop you a quick note to remind you that our into sale for Transgressor will end Saturday at midnight. If you haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, I can honestly say that this plugin will change the way you approach mixing your drums. No other plugin on the market does what it does and makes it so easy to dial in your drums to sound exactly the way you want it to.

I’ve seen big name mixing engineers go through great lengths just to get this same effect on their mixes, and now you can do the same thing with almost no effort.

Based on the feedback we’ve received so far, Transgressor is already grossly underpriced. I don’t plan on changing that, but sales this big on Transgressor will not happen often, so I strongly encourage you to take advantage.

The sale ends Feb 4. You really don’t miss out on this one.
Buy Transgressor 50% Off
Introductory Sale ends Feb 4.

Learning How to Use Transgressor

I’m putting together a series of short videos to to show you how to get the most out of Transgressor. It’s a new plugin that takes a different approach to transient design, but once you understand it, it’s really easy to use. So let me help you get over that first hurdle.

Setting Up the Detector

What does Transgressor Do?

Transgressor gives you separate eq and volume control over your transients and sustain. This means you can eq the attack of your drums, while leaving the tail untouched, or eq the ring out of your snare without making your attack weak. Or bring out the beater click in your kick without adding a bunch of high frequency sustain.

In short, you now have complete control over the sound of your drums.

Here’s a quick example.

Drums before Transgressor

Drums After Transgressor

A new video showing Transgresser on acoustic guitar:


I bought several Boz Digital plugin…I just installed the Transgressor but didn’t have time to play with it so far. Looking forward!!

All the other Boz plugins are winners for me. And the prices are just as good if you get them at the right time. Even if you wait a bit, they are quite cheap.

The Wall is an amazing one. Imperial delay is awesome. Sasquatch is very good. Mangoose and panther are very useful.

So you really have to check Boz work!


How are you finding transgressor Kakeux?