Boz Digital Labs - Clap, Stomp, Snap preview!

I’m sure he has shared this already but I am very much looking forward to this combo plug in from Boz!
Preview here:

Soooooo… any idea when this little beast will be available?


What I can’t believe is that he gave us the rest for $5. no brainer.

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Oh! Is it all available now??? I wasn’t aware! I’ll be grabbing it ASAP!
I can’t see it on the BDL site or is it now just under El Clapo as a package?

this is what we got in an email and since I already bought the claps I got the lot for $5.

It’s not ready yet, but you can preorder it for $5 if you already have El Clapo. The hardest part was getting the noise reduced in the snap samples because they were a lot quieter, and the noise buildup was way worse than the claps and stomps, but I got that sounding right. I just need to get the graphics done, which should be quick, and they’ll be ready.