Boosting EQ

Just curious. Has anybody in the history of mixing ever used an EQ to boost 350 Hz?

Thinking of making a 350 bump plugin? Call it the muddifier. You’re welcome

Actually, I’m probably guilty. Seems like I’ve done that before on some female vocals to thicken them up a hair.

Actually, I do have a plugin that takes out 350-500 Hz called “demudder.” It’s not released, but I use it all the time.

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my red ibanez with whammy does seem a tad hollow sounding though i havent recorded with it in a while. it might be a candidate for such a boost lol

Yep. You name it, I’ve boosted it.

I generally set up an EQ on my master bus and I filter out everything above and below 432Hz. I wish there was a plugin to make the process easier


Some 300ish on snare if carefully added in can add some serious weight to it. I will sometimes use a distant room mic that is mostly low mids for this. I am essentially cutting out everything else except low mids on this mic. It can get out of hand quickly.


The Mudskipper!

It is generally a frequency you tend to cut, but it’s not without merit. Just try living without it.

Enjoy, #Mixerman