Boat ride

I track myself and a friend John Pritchard wrote. I done the mix.The tracks will be up on Cambridge site soon too

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Nicely done. I like the treatment on the vocals although I think they could come forward a bit more by knocking the volume up a touch on them in the verse. I like the groove, thanks for sharing.

Cheers i have changed the mix now

Nice classic rock track, I like the vibe. It reminded me at first a bit of Steppenwolf (Born to be wild), although they probably didn’t use a flanger (or is it a phaser?) on the lead guitar, because they didn’t exist yet in the sixties, it adds an 80’s touch (Echo and the Bunnymen comes to mind). It was probably the combination of the groove/ drums and vocals - and B3 later on in the track that made me think of Steppenwolf. Having said that I think you could improve on the drumpart. Like in Born to be Wild it’s just a basic groove, but to me the repeated same fill is, well a little repetitive. I’m assuming you programmed the drums, it doesn’t sound like their live. You could make it more interesting by just using some different fills and adding one or two accents (following the vocal or lead guitar for instance). Also a little bit more dynamic use of the drums (build up to the chorus, a touch lower volume in the verses, that sort of thing) would make it more interesting. I’m not sure about the compression or eq, I’m listening on laptop speakers. The half opened hats are quite dominant, as they would have been back in the day, that’s fine. But on my laptop speakers they sound a very bright, perhaps even harsh. Maybe some attenuation in the right spot might help.

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I had no major qualms with this mix and liked the song!
Only two suggestions:

  1. I found the hi hat too loud in that it made the snare in particular sound small, especially as it is a constant throughout the song. I’d pull it back to make that snare and kick stronger.
  2. The chorus vocals sound thinner than the verse ones, despite being doubled. They feel a touch quieter, yet I don’t mind your levels, I think either scooping some of the lower mids from the verse vocal or giving a little more guts to the chorus ones may help.

Those are just my minor suggestions and I’d easily listen to this again with or without those changes. I like how spread the drums are (I have been mixing drums more and more narrow lately. Everything sounds clear and has it’s place.
Nice one!

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Nothing to fault here. My toe is tapping with my coffee this morning. No copy on that simple riff that works good here. nice track

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Thanks everyone for your feedback.i have done another mix and later we will get live drums on it .We are just going through ideas at the moment still


Opening guitar reminded me of Men at Work. I am listning to on my phone at workbut will plug my studio headphones once home . This is great on my phone speaker . Will let you know but so far :sunglasses: really cool.

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Oh great mate thanks .Glad your liking it

Someone else has done a mix and i would like if poss for an opinion on what is the better mix.

I like both mixes I am leaning towards the second one as my preferred but I feel like the vocal is pushed to hard and clipping or something like that which is bothering me.

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Cheers for the listen mate

Typing as I listen again.
Mix 1: You’ve fixed the things I mentioned before. Snare is cracking and no drowned out by hi hat which is no longer fatiguing. The chorus vocals now have weight to them and make the song step up! To be picky, I am finding some sot of harmonic weirdness with the vocals and the organ (lesley?). Can’t tell if it’t the highs of the organ by itself or how it is mixing with the harmonic additions added byt he overdrive to the vocals. Nothing major, just something I noticed.
Overall, a great mix and I’d have no issue listening to this several more times.

Mix 2: Wow, very different straight out of the box. I prefer the first mix’s snare, this one seems too boomy and is adding a lot of lows when you throw in the kick and bass. The panned dealy is kind of nice but again, I prefer the first. I hear the funny distortion on the vocals that Red was talking about.
The bass is very full on in the lows too, where as I didn’t even really notice the bass in the first mix. I’d almost argue this is the main issue in this mix and the rest I could get used to.

Overall, it’s hands down mix one for me. Nothing dragged me out of the mix in mix one and I searched for things to mention as suggestions. The second one had too many things that dragged me out of the song - mainly the bass (even just pulling it back a little may solve it). It was by no means a bad mix, but when comparing the two, I felt the first was stronger.

Cheers for the great input. I agree with everything you have said .

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Catchy song, Alan! Has a great feel to it. I can’t really add anything of use, as most of it has already been said. Are you playing/performing on any of this?

Looking forward to hearing the finished product!

Cheers mate. Yes im singing on it .We are going to also do a video for it and my friend is playing guitars

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