Boat ride mix 3

This is a track me a and a friend wrote a few months go .I had another mix

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I remember this song. I like it !

I’m not sure about the vocal effect on the chorus…It kind of pushes the vocal too much into the background. Not sure if you should reduce the amount of effect or use a different effect. Sounds like a reverb you’re using…Maybe try a delay and reduce the amount of reverb or skip it altogether. …Or maybe you need (more) pre-delay on the effect to separate the vocal from the reverb.

The verse vocals seem to be a little too out front to me. They seem to be too “on top of the music”. Maybe they would sit a bit better if you pulled them back and gave them some delay…or something to make them feel that they’re sitting a little deeper in the mix.

Having said all that, I don’t think the vocal mix is terribly off. It’s all a matter of taste. It’s still a cool tune just as it stands now!

The funny thing is my friend lost the vocal track that went wit the distorted chorus one so i didn’t have much choice there a its printed

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