BMTH Doomed mix contest

BMTH Doomed mix contest

its not even a handclap, its just some stupid sample thing called 'tribal chill". but yeah, its definitely whats irritating me. i just turned it down.

yeah, snare sounds pretty good on its own

here it is with some cut at about 190hz and added some Slate “hi lift”

no master bus comp, lightly hitting limiter set at .2 limit

mix 8

that might be the one. be glad to be done with this song lol. getting sick of it

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how do we measure LUFS or other loudness measurements on this?



I ran ‘youlean loudness meter’

-13.6 LUFS

not sure if I had everything set right but the ref MP3 came out to -9LUFS with the chorus being about -7.6 short term hehe



thinking out loud to myself

wow. Didnt make the top 50 poll again? Naturally im pretty surprised and disappointed. This mix was miles better than last months karnivool mix

sort of hard to see me continuing to put forth that much effort on a mix only to be disappointed again. Lotta time invested into it



I’m no good to you bud. I tried, but all I know is your mix sounds a heck of a lot better.


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I didn’t make it either. It happens. I’ve been in NTM since it’s beginning and have made the polls, but mostly haven’t. It’s the nature of the mix contest beast.

Some comments/questions:

  • Why are you surprised? I’m not trying to be a dick, I legitimately would like to know why.
  • It’s a mix competition… there are so many things you can’t control: What the judges are looking for, does it have to sound like the original, how many mixes were listened to before yours, the quality of the other mixes, etc… It’s definitely disappointing, but there’s no magic formula for winning these things… especially when there’s a high volume of entries. For me, I try to figure out what I could have done better, because we can always do something better, or even just different. This month I realized that I really need to work on separating elements that aren’t guitar/bass/drums in a dense mix and giving them their own space.
  • Do you enjoy mixing? If you do, then the time and effort is not wasted. Becoming a good mix engineer (in my own opinion) is about experience and learning… and being resilient because you love the craft. Find your own positives, but also as a good exercise, find the negatives and learn from them. Watching the live mix (I never watch them live, just youtube them in bite-size chunks) is also invaluable, because it gives insight into how that person approached the same challenges that I had to deal with. Regardless of what gear they’re using, the fundamental concepts are the same and can be applied to hardware or ITB situations.

I guess all that to say, if you love mixing, keep mixing… but temper your expectations with ALL online mix competitions. It’s a terrible outlet to get validation from.



Im surprised and disappointed because I expect a lot out of myself and my efforts. Being ‘realistic’ means different things to different folks. Aiming low isnt that interesting to me

I guess what gets me the most is the sort of “break” in the learning process when u “dont make it”. Like I said over at URM…u dont know WHY u didnt make it lol. Snare too loud or too quiet? mix too muddy or too thin?? could be anything but you dont get any feedback on it

Makes the learning process pretty inefficient IMO. Like, you just start the next month still in the dark

Wish theyd do something like take 5 of the mixes that were decent but didnt make it, do a 1 minute appraisal of each one stating why they didnt like it