Blue Sky Day

This song is Collab Work, with original Music and Lyrics by Aldo (aka Sedda), from “A Member of the Public”, from Australia.
Sedda asked my if I can make my own version of his song, Blue Sky Day, and I followed his lead.
Beautiful song, with a joyful and hopeful message.

As the saying goes;
“Fair Winds and Following Seas”
I am dedicating this song to all peoples searching for peace and hope in our troubled world.

Blue Sky Day

Blue sky day, blue sky day,
Is there anything better than this?
Everyone, come out to play,
This blue sky is just pure bliss
Blue sky dreams I can’t resist

Oh I want you so much,
How I long to feel your touch
But even when you’re miles away,
We’re as one on this beautiful day
Oh hold me close,
Don’t you ever let me go
Oh hold me close,
Let me bask in your afterglow

Blue sky dreaming on these blue sky days,
Not a cloud to be seen
The sun is out you can feel its rays,
This blue sky is so serene
I’m just lost in my blue sky dream

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Another hit from @ReneAsologuitar! I really love the choice to go with the nylon string. It paired really well with the song and your vocals on this one. Fantastic as always! I hope you get some of these on apple music soon!

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Hi holster,
Thanks for the great feedback, as always!
If you so desire, you could be the first one to purchaser one of my new single release, now available in Apple Music. I might have 4 or 5 in there now.

You might be able to lift my “hopes and dreams”, by your purchase of one dollar.
What a sales talk.
And if you do, please let me know if it is really there, and if the purchase goes easy.

You are very much appreciated.

Hey Rene, what a perfect song for today! We’re have a perfect, winter “Blue Sky Day” here in Australia. (We have a lot of them in Winter!)

Great song! I particularly love the bridge part of the song and the chord progression there, but the hook is very nice too - I like the little guitar riff thing you start with too.

Excellent stuff!

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Glad to know that you are in lovely Australia, and that you are having some Blue Sky Day there, in the middle of winter - WOW!!!
The person I collabed with on this song is from Sydney, Australia, Aldo aka Member of The Public.
I am so honored to be a part of this beautiful and joyous song.
As I mentioned, Australia has been a very big part of my travels, as I have bee to your wonderful country a few times. And the most memorable period was when I operated inside Pearce Royal Air Force Base in Western Australia, north of Perth.
Aldo, aka Sedda has done a marvelous job on this song, and I am so happy to be singing this song.
Thanks for the wonderful feedback CRS!!!

I can’t find it, Rene. How are you listed there?

But the song is pretty darn good and performed so well. You have a very appealing tone and sing so well. Sedda wrote a catchy upbeat song, and your delivery imbues it with such style.

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Hi Steve,
Thanks for following through with this purchase thing from Spotify.
If you search for me, “Rene Abadesco” in Spotify, you should be able to see some songs available for purchase (1 dollar per single release). I have six songs in many different digital music stores on line, and Spotify is just one of them.
I had signed up with Distrokid, a music distribution organization that offers 20 dollars per year for unlimited;imited upload of original music, and they automatically distribute your music to approx 25 online digital music sellers, which is a very good deal.
There are many other options, but the price tag increases with every other upgrade/s.
At this time, I can only afford the 20 dollars a year, as I am just starting out in this music selling online. And this is good for me, as I am forced to be prolific in creating original music.
Some titles of my available music online are:
Peace and Love
My Love, Unchanging
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Come With Me
Bridges or Walls
The Light
Blue Sky Day is not available at this time. I will soon get this song available in the next week or so.
Thanks again for trying to help me in navigating this challenging online music sales.
Thanks in advance for the 1 dollar purchase, hahahahaha!!!

Very catchy tune @ReneAsologuitar ; seems like this should be pretty commercial. I think a bit of percussion and harmony vocal would add a lot here.

I see your tunes listed on Spotify but you have to have an account to stream them. It says you have to have a premium account ($10/mo.) to do any downloads.

I see you on BandCamp as well and they sell downloads for a dollar.

DistroKid looks like a good deal, great to see you out there!

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Hi ingolee,
Great to hear your lovely comments. I would agree with percussion and harmony additions, that would really lift this song. Great job to Sedda aka A Member of The Public.
I did not know that Spotify requires a Premium membership to download. And great to know I am in Bandcamp at the time as well.
I am almost done with your song!
Thank you so much!!!

I was able to buy Bridges and Walls on Amazon Music for 99 cents, Rene, but I can’t seem to play it as I don’t otherwise use it, but I’ll probably have no problem at Bandcamp. It’s very cool that Distrokid is putting the songs at all these places.

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Thanks for spending 1 dollar on my behalf.
But you cannot play it?
That is not good.
We need to address that.
I can send Distrokid a feedback, pls sen me some details on the transaction. There should be some quality control and issues fix from Distrokid.

Thanks again.

I don’t think it is Distrokid’s problem. It is more how the different sites work and whether one is a paying member of a platform. So that is why offering on so many streaming services is good as I don’t pay for any! I shop alot at Amazon as a Prime member, but not the music. That’s probably why I can buy it I like Bandcamp, actually, so that works for me.

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Hi steban,
Hi am now actively uploading my songs into Bandcamp.
This is super fun, and also super easy to do.
Very minimal costs, Bandcamp is zero cost!!!