Blue by Ghostly Beard

Here’s another good one by Patrick off the Cambridge-MT site.

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And just because I enjoyed this song so much, here’s an alternate mix with the FX dialed waaaay up…

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Hey, quick message after listening both mixes.

The first one has a very intimate feeling that works well with the song and I found it very spot on.
The only thing that I found odd is the reverb management: everything seems pretty dry except some kinda room track coming with drums that is very obvious to me and is disconnected from the mix.

The second mix is very different and I don’t really know what’s your initial goal with this one.
I found is more mellow with more reverb but again reverbs seem odd to me. Many tracks sound wet and connected together but some are too wet and sound push back in the mix (vocals) whereas some sound dry and are very close to the listener (snare brush track for instance).

By the way, cool song and you did some cool work with it, nice!

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Phil, thanks for the listen and the input. I preferred the first mix as well. I did the second one because Patrick’s released version had a lot more ambience than the mix I did, and so I thought I’d add more just to see how it sounded, and honestly didn’t spend a lot of time on thats version…

Thanks for this - I’ll go back and look at it. I DO love this song. It makes me think of my now 16 year old daughter. :slight_smile:

It looks like you didn’t write “wow, that much! time spends so fast” :+1:

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