Blood and Steel Nov challenge #5

Blood and Steel

at moments it seems like sort of a cross between Thin Lizzy and Priest

As usual im not super happy with the vox but im trying to remain philosophical about it. I had the usual interruptions while trying to record vox. You know, neighbor knocking on the door after calling 4x wanting to know if id got my Xmas present then wanting to stand at the door and talk while all my heat went out…dead in the middle of me doing vox

All that on top of my singing struggles? I didnt feel like I quite had my best vocal power. But I guess its good to show me where I need work. Dunno, part of it HAS to be being self conscious etc about blasting away on vox in this small apt complex with thin walls

cest la vie

anyway, at least thats 5 songs this month and a good learning process. On this one I really got into the manual midi drum editing and trying to match up the bassline with the kick drum somewhat

that one little guitar track got a bit overwhelmed though

anyway, ya’ll can let me know what u think

Peace, JJ


I love the energy of this track - in fact that’s one thing that really stands out in all your compositions - energy - I always respond to that more than anything.

Vocal-wise, I think the key of this song is the absolute sweet spot for your vocal range. It sounds powerful and engaging without getting strident or losing quality of tone.

Really like the track - I’d like to have a listen on a better system to appreciate better the work you have done with the kick and bass. :+1:


Way to go :smiley:

I like the intro when the drums go from 1/2 time to regular tempo…and when you hit the notes on “cheek” “hand” “steel” with vibrato…and holding out the “Steeeeeeel” into a “bridge”…and the guitar octaves lick on the outro behind the “I”

Thanks for sharing.


haha, I dont even know what to say to that…vocals are so freaking hard. One sings like a champ in the car and at work and in their minds eye, but then he hits record and all of a sudden everything is a struggle. Of course its 10x as bad when sitting to lay down a vocal and u dont know the melody yet so its being written and laid down at the same time. A whole lot of “chasing it” going on.

Im trying to get way stronger a’la David Lee Roth where its more chesty and less headvoicey. I was happy with some of the notes here but it was a massive struggle. Im not putting near enough compression into it yet

Im not sure its the “key” so much but it could be. We can sing a similar range in different keys. This one was in G (played in “A” but tuned down a whole step) whereas some of my other ones lately have been in D. Of course the bridge and outro here WERE in D lol. I dont even know what the notes were here…I havent checked yet. I doubt I went up to any e5s though like in the last songs. The cold air at work (big warehouse) pretty much has me on permarasp right now.

more to come hopefully because im not quite where early VanHalen was!

Thanks. yeah, I was struggling to get those "ee"s to sound like anything. The vibrato helped some

The octave stuff was cool and I sort of hated to cover it up with vox lol

Ahhhhh, my kinda music. I agree the vocal is good. The high notes with the vibrato really work. Like to hear the bass a little stronger. Like the harmony drop off. Wow, you gotta lot goin on in there in a good way. Ok, I’m tired after this and need a nap. Congrats on your songwriting goal.



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shoot, you aint heard nothing yet. Try this one for a lot going on…from about 18 months ago when I first started singing. Could induce lsd flashbacks

That is an insane vocal…what a spectrum from very low to high. Impressive. This is a very good song bud. …Ok, I just accidently erased about 200 words. Now I am pissed. ha ha thanks for sharing


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I have many more, here is one more for you. My highest notes so far and held long on one breath lol.

this was on a singing forum so its vocal heavy, no bass or solos etc but lots of vocals. some more lsd bridge action lol

Hey, I found it really good, bass, drum and guitar really work together and make this song a song.
The vocal performance comes better and better during the recording and the ending sounds really good, spot on and tasty!
I’m not very keen on the beginning. I think you could cut the 20s or so from the start. I also found the first sections a bit messy, like you still looking for what to play :slight_smile:

Good job, as always!

u just defined the last 30 years of my musical ‘career’ lol

So you sumed up your ‘career’ in a ‘less than 3 minutes’ song… Nice job! :smile:

whats that old saying? “what you are SOME of the time is what you are ALL of the time”

So you’re a song writer, don’t add anything!
Good job! :smile:

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