Blog Spam - "Guitar Love"

Blog Spam - "Guitar Love"


Here’s Part 1 of a bit of fun and reminiscing:


That is very cool! It was a great read.


Brought back memories of my Tiesco: five pickups, equipped with flatwounds with enough tension to test Darwinism for beginning guitarists.
We’ve all enjoyed an El Kabong moment with our first guitar; I think Quick Draw McGraw was Hanna Barbera’s mutation of Zoro and Pete Townshend.


Enjoyed the blog and love the descriptor of your music on your home page. Is your website new? I just ask as I am currently exploring setting one up, just a simple thing so wondered how easy/hard it was to do?
i love the simplicity but functionality of yours.


My mind is exploding with the cultural touchpoint mashup…!


Your blog story reminds me of my first few years of learning guitar. I started playing around with a huge, old acoustic guitar that I think belonged to my dad, although he didn’t play. He did play drums and piano though. The string action on that acoustic seemed ridiculous and it felt like the strings were about as heavy gauged as possible. I had a KISS guitar book that I used in attempt to learn KISS songs…Took me many years to realize that 99% of the guitar chords weren’t actually the correct way to play the songs, but I was inspired and I was determined to learn. When you’re learning to play on such a decrepit instrument, you have to have loads of determination because a crappy instrument like that will do everything it can to deter you from continuing your pursuit.


Thanks Paul - glad you enjoyed it. It’s part of a longer piece that I put together some time ago, but never got around to publishing - hence “Part 1”.

Haha - Awesome description! Yes I well remember scrunching my eyes up as I tightened up the high E string, trying to avoid having my eye taken out.


Relatively - I set it up just a few weeks ago, as I knew I had some reviews coming. I felt I had better create something at least resembling a cohesive web presence :roll_eyes:

It’s just a Wordpress-based thing. Wordpress is a little bit like Reaper - at first it appears cheap but confusing, but it’s actually really easy to set up and use. Now they are pummeling me with offers to “upgrade” to a more “professional” site, but I’m staunchly resisting. That’ where the similarity Reaper ends… It becomes rather galling to have all these companies clambering to “drip-feed” themselves from your wallet when in reality you don’t get any return on your investment.

Indeed! The guy in the animation looks a bit like Patrick Carney from The Black Keys!

Ha cool! Yeah decent, cheap, well-playing guitars were pretty much impossible to come by right up until the 90s here in Australia.

Definitely! If nothing else, it gave you strength in your hands and crazy calluses on your fingertips!


Yeah, I just spent a considerable amount of time on CD Baby trying to get a single (Yeah Boy) distributed and available for airplay. Every five minutes I’m bombarded with ways to promote it. So far I’ve raked in $1.37 in sales for the culmination of my life’s work, while the wolves knock on my door for more money. At least I know it sounds good.


Ah yes - Welcome to the BIG LEAGUES, Bob! Just sit back an watch those micro-cents roll in! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



You think we have it bad - spare a thought for world famous producers like Greg Wells :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::