Blind tests

Hey everyone,

In case you don’t know yet, this is a cool website that allows you to self-assess your hearing abilities and audio engineering skills:

I discovered I wasn’t as good as I thought on some things, and better at others.


I was watching to a bunch of Steve Albini playing with tapes and he has a “test” to see how far you can listen to:

Long story short: switch between a sine and a square waveform to see if you’re able to listen to any difference.

A pure sinewave would only reproduces its frequency while the square adds the same freq 3 times higher (and some others).
So if you’d like to check to 17 kHz, choose 5.67 kHz for your tone generator and switch back and forth between the two waveshapes.
If you don’t listen to any difference…

For the sake of the testing, I could distinguish 15k but not above…
So what about you?? :smile:

which test were you referring to?

I took the 20khz test here
and I liked that test because instead of testing invidual tones, it tests the ability to reference the entire spectrum with missing frequencies. (an ability to detect low pass fiilters)
In an individual tone test I could not hear anything more than 15k but with the full spectrum test, I was able to detect missing frequencies upto 20khz 100% of the time. Its seems like human ear detects low pass filters easily over listening to individual frequencies.

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Very interesting, I didn’t think those kinda tests would lead to anything else…

To this (being able to listen to the 3rd harmonic):