Blind Testing Your Upper Hearing Limit

Blind Testing Your Upper Hearing Limit


Here’s an interesting little hearing test.

It’s tests your ability to perceive higher frequencies in a different way than the other tests I’ve tried. It’s kind of fun too.


I’ll try to check this out tonight when I get home!


Last night I tried the test. I had to start at 14 khz, because that was the highest frequency in which I could hear a difference between the full range file (22 khz) and the one that is low passed 14 khz. I did that test 15 times and got all correct except 1. I think I became too overconfident and I wasn’t focusing after I correctly identified the first 9 tests…, that’s my excuse…:anguished:

After doing well at 14 khz I decided to try the 15 khz test. This was much harder for me. I had a difficult time discerning the difference between the full frequency file and the 15 khz file. I only did about 7 tests of that frequency and got 6 correct BUT it took me a long time to do because I was being super careful and I wasn’t at all confident in my choices.

Probably be a good idea to try this test with a good set of headphones or on some good studio monitors. Also, you might want to try it when you first wake up or have been in silence for awhile…That might improve your performance.


The only bummer is that I have pretty bad tinnitus in my right ear due to an inner ear issue. I’ll bet my right ear only goes to 6 or 7k now :frowning:


Around 2008 I was working a construction job and I was high up on a ladder, using a reciprocating saw…I had to hold the saw right beside my right ear in order to cut a piece of roofing material…I had left my ear protection somewhere in the house and had no choice but to do my job…After that day I had tinnitus constantly for a few years. I’d only notice it when there was silence though. I still have it but either I’ve become used to it, or I’ve possibly, somehow manage to miraculously heal., haha. Most likely I’ve just become accustomed to it.


I fear I have the same issue.