Blind Test

I know listening to foreign “music” sucks, but from a technical perspective which vocals track sounds more vintage and better for this mix:

Why do you think it sounds better?

  • Mix A
  • Mix B

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I thought it would be fun. No takers on this?

So far, I think the vocal in mix B sounds like it fits the song better. That’d be my vote!

Also, I threw in a poll on for your post. That’ll help :wink:

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I would go with mix b. just seems to fit the vibe better in my books.

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I chose mix B as well, for the same reason.
Lead vocal in mix A is a bit to “big” and hide instruments when it sang…

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Mix B is better IMO. Mix A vocals don’t seem to sit in the mix as well.

vocals in Mix A are too loud, but the snare definitely sounds less “sharp”.

I’d take whatever you did to the snare in A and apply it to the the hi hat in mix B.

Yeah mixes may be different, cause were done at different times. Vocals are indeed louder in mix A, but not intentionally. Will repeat test with same levels. Sorry for your trouble! Boz, care to lend me that transient shaper for a test ride?

Edit: Re-uploaded. The lead vocals in both now are at about the same level. Everything else is mixed the same.
Thanks in advance!

I got a listen and I still find the mix B better for lead vocal, for the same reason :grin:

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