Blind eye

A little song me and a friend are working on


I was very curious about one song you did and not only mix.
First of all, I found the mix, balance, stereo management pretty interesting.
I really like sound choices since it helps the mix by itself.

Two things I found odd:

  • the most obvious one is how loopy is the rhythm section, it seems (to me) as a copy-paste arrangement where the song would get some variations
  • the lead vocal isn’t as upfront as it should and the clean guitar on the right side is way more on top of the mix than the vocal

By the way, it’s not that usual you share a song from you, it has a very different colour than your regular mixing work, and this is great!

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its really just idea stage really

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It’s a really good start so

This was done instead

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Those drum fills have that Phil Collins 80’s sound.

I like hearing the way your song has progressed since your initial post. Sounding good !

I know you post a lot of mixes that you do of other people’s songs but I have much more interest in hearing music that you wrote and performed. The most important part of the mix is the the performance and the instrument and voice arrangements. To me the mix is just the decorations on the cake. The song and the pieces of the song are the meat and potatoes of the whole course.

This is turning out very well. I would’ve liked for you to have a verse with the low vocals you had in version #1. The new vocal is good but I liked the low vocal too and I recognized the voice in the first version. I recognize it because I listened to that other song you posted, many times. There’s a certain feel that that voice has that I would like to hear on the second version.

Yeah the low voice is mine

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Oh yeah, Phil Collins, for the song and the lead vocal as well.
The mix you brought earlier sounds great and really creates the feeling it’s a song and not just a bunch of tracks playing together.

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I’m listening to the first version now, @takka360, and it just finished, so now I’m into number 2. I realize 2 is probably more developed, and the singing is very good. But that being said I liked the low vocals/more subdued original better. You are getting really good mixing, so why don’t you try for the best of both worlds?

Maybe you could start out with the first verse original, that would really make the second verse/chorus pop. Ideally briefly go low again near the end for the first two lines of a verse and then end high on the final chorus?

You probably think the other guy is the better singer, and he might be, but you nailed that low voice. Now if you can combine all that in this length of a song, you’ve got some serious cool dynamics. The harmony vocals on the choruses are already a third excellent touch.

Yes, it does have a Phil Collins vibe, strong and emotional melody, but the world probably needs more of that nowadays. Lyrics were pretty good, too.

Listening to the second version.

Very cool feel. This fills are huge!
Interesting that the lead vocal seems slightly panned to the left. Any reason for that? Would you consider panning the delay to the right and keeping the vocal cleaner on the left? There doesn’t seem to be anything it would compete with on the equivalent position on the right.

I’ve just read through the previous comments now and I am battling with a similar issue that ncls brought up regarding the looped drums lacking variety. I have a song that I am working on where every section, at this point, is using the same drum loop besides fills. In my case, there is a lot of other stuff going on and so the drums provide the drive and downbeats required but are not the focal point. Your mix is a bit more spacious, and whilst I think you could easily (and probably should) keep that loop going throughout, you could easily add further percussion and short, less prominent fills (in comparison to the huge fills!) sprinkled throughout.
This is noticable when you bring in the shaker at the last chorus. It lifts it up and adds a new percussive element which pushes the song further. Differing rhythmic patterns using various percussive sounds in a few parts here and there may add just a little more life to that drum beat throughout the song. Just an idea…

Otherwise, I loved the song, really enjoyed the vocal tone and melody and would be more than happy to listen to an album of music in that style with that production quality overall. Nice job!

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