Black Friday/December Deals!

Black Friday/December Deals!
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If you need some plugins, now is a big bargain time, some ending very soon!

I was able to grab several-

1- Ends tonight 12/1!

So far I am liking them. The Imperial Delay on my vocals on Solar Dune Racing sounds pretty good with minimal tweaking, considering I don’t know what I’m doing at all. If you need that sort of thing, these are a steal.

2- Jamstix 4 just released and on sale through December!

I had Jamstix 3 Studio and upgraded to 4. For me Jamcussion, the extra drummers, drum sets, and styles was worth it. I replaced the drums in a new song with JS4. It was easy, just had to get used to a friendlier GUI, but it was a tiny hurdle. The drums themselves sound pretty good, maybe better than before (also on Solar Dune Racing).

3- $29 who knows how long?

I thought this was a bargain to beef up my bass sounds. This has a lot of great presets, is really easy to use and is also in Solar Dune Racing.

4- Sugar Bytes Guitarist Alas price went up from $59 to $119

Frankly, this is both really cool and a pain in the ass. It is, I must say, also in Solar Dune Racing. The cool part is how it has a lot of preset patterns and offers complex sequencing settings. I’m still getting the hang of it. It seems that I almost have to create a Reaper project and record as audio track the generated riff and save it as 8 or 16 bars to use different patterns as it only wants to start at bar 1. That method happens to work OK, actually, just a little weird for me. I consider these kind of Midi instruments a new challenge for song crafting, not as simple as it sounds.

So here is the demo song recorded today, if you want to hear the end result.


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