"Bitter" - Studio Acoustic Version

Now…what’s smaller than a “micro” fan-base? :thinking:… “Infinitesimal”? :grin:…Yes, that is a good description…My infinitesimal, but nonetheless very enthusiastic fan-base of graduates from Class es18c in Borås, Sweden love my song “Bitter”, and told me they had nominated it as their Graduation song…

So an interesting thing happened when I posted the video of my live acoustic version of “Bitter” on my socials the other day…
My Infinitesimal Fan Base responded with requests for me to create an acoustic version of the song for Spotify!.. so I thought: “Why not?”…

I based this on the video version - same arrangement, but a little more polished and “full sounding”… It was actually a really fun experiment… How’s it sounding - ready for upload to Spotify?

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I watched the video version first, then listened to this. Frankly, I think I like the video version better, more spontaneous perhaps, and your voice and acoustic guitar was fuller with more low tones or fullness overall. The “Spotify” version is actually a bit brittle (higher frequencies) with voice and acoustic guitar IMO, at least compared with the video version. Of course, comparing a video version with an audio-only version perhaps introduces some biases, and the Spotify version may be more pristine and crisp from an audio perspective.

Kudos on the finger-picking, interesting to watch and listen to. Not something I have ever been that good at, but it’s certainly an art in itself.

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I’m going to put a vote against @Stan_Halen here, I personally think this version is perfect. I guess it’s a matter of taste, I like more polished productions.

Congrats on the small fan group, it’s a start!

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Hi sir Andrew. I’m torn between the two. I do enjoy the visual because I look around the room at pictures etc. ha ha I still amazed at your ease of hitting those high notes without forcing it. btw you should have a big fan base.
Simplicity is a great thing, but I kept thinking that a little (hardly noticeable ) tucked in bass might work?
I never did get the finger picking thing down. I just grab a few notes with only two fingers. Pathetic. Also some of your, intro to the next segment picking, you do while singing is impressive.
I was thinking that maybe the refined edition might have been played a little faster? Not sure, but I might like it a bit slower.
My last review was painfully dull with just a rhyme. Did I do a little better? Keep em commin bud

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It’s always great to gain new fans even if it’s only a few. Just view this as the beginning of your take over of the Swedish music scene. In 5 years you’ll be a rock god over there! :smile:

I like this version better than the video version. It’s smoother sounding to me, and I like the ambience in this version. I’m listening on my laptop but in a short while I’ll grab my headphones and give it another listen to hear it from that perspective. As of now I give it a thumbs up. I’ll let you know if I hear any issues with it listening through my headphones, within the next 2 hours. If you don’t hear back from me, it means this is solid. I’m pretty confident this will sound good, though.

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Thanks everyone for your comments - I’ve sent this one off to the bots for digital distribution… hopefully my 3 fans in Sweden will like it! :grin: