Big Al contest mix by Cosmic

Big Al contest mix by Cosmic


(Edited - mix v3, with piano under low vocs in the bridge & slightly louder drums) Hi everyone, I haven’t been here for some time, but I saw there’s a mix contest, so I gave it a go. I used original drums (kick + stereo file) and Thermionik amp sims. There was a good amount of Melodyne acrobatics on the vocals, but hopefully they soung good now. Have a listen and let me know your thoughts. Thx.


I uploaded the mix so they can use the internal player :wink:


cool, thx


Hi Yes you have done some really great things to this. It is supposed to be a challenge right?. My first comment was that I thought it sounds like the 60’s Not sure about the bridge because it is kind of an upbeat song and that vocal there is a little scary. ha ha It was good tho:)
Congrats on this



I added some minor modifications - voc automation mainly plus some compression on rhythm guitar low mids as they were poking too much.


I think that those drums could be brought up a touch, they are a little dominated by the guitars.


Thx, do you think I should raise the whole drum bus or maybe just the punch of the shells?


I think they could all come up but really need more punch for me.


You really did an excellent job fixing the tuning issues in the vocals and you added some nice effect to them also. Big improvement in the mix as far as I’m concerned. Great job!


Thx, it was a great tuning exercise. Also the drums were a challenge as they are not separated (apart from the kick). I also have a new version ready with added piano melody where the super low vocs are.


If you’d like, I can go back and separate the drums into individual tracks.


Thx man, I would need to start from scratch if I had separated drums. I think keep them in one stereo file plus kick for the duration of the competition. This poses an additional challenge which is a good thing:)


Fair enough. I like what you did with the song.


Thank you. I’ll upload the new version with nice piano melody later on today.