Big Al Bash this Mix - The reworking

Big Al Bash this Mix - The reworking


Before I submit a mix to bash - I’ll admit I’m not all that au fait with the rules of submissions…

Am I correct that submitting a mix to the Bash This Recording section is not an actual submission for the contest? As in, I can have a Bash and then using feedback from knowledgable fellows, make some changes and then submit it officially in the Contest section?


You are correct. You are welcome to use “bash this” on any contest we host unless we specify otherwise. :wink:

The official entry goes in the contest category


Thanks for the clarification @holster.

Hereby I submit for a bashing my reworking of the @BigAlRocks song. All parts apart from drum and vocals were re-recorded. I’m going for a softer sound than the original, and this song has veered into Boston and Dire Straits territory a few too many times. I’ll admit I’ve lost perspective on this a little - therefore fresh ears and honest opinions are most welcome. Bash away my brothers and sisters!!!

Technical notes for the song - The drums were left alone, just added a new kick drum track and a single cymbal hit at the end of the song (silly story). All guitars were re-recorded using Amp sims and my gorgeous Boss GP-10.


Hi sounds pretty good to me. I would tweak those few vocal notes that are slightly off. It’s tough to sing a song like this that is all over the place.